Saturday, September 30, 2006

Both are paradise

So many pictures to post... I don't know from where to start.
Actually, I do.
How about this one?

What, need a closer look?

Even this guy was left speechless...

A vision that made my visor flip upside down.

All right, let's go back to the surf. This is Tunnels. I didn't go out. It's a gnarly, windy right and I didn't want to get stuck on the inside... this guy.

I decided to surf the shore break of Hanalei bay, instead. Check it out.

I didn't do as good as this kid, though.

That's what I mean.

Hanalei bay.

Same as above. From a little higher.

This is a close up of that break at the west (left on the photo above) end of the bay. The surfable wave is actually that peak just starting to break, a little outside. It's not a long ride. You have to kick out, before getting too deep. That's what I figured after having ridden one all the way to the inside and having got stuck there. I had to paddle all the way around those waves you see in this photo. It took me 25 minutes to get back, exhausted, to the peak. If I only had remembered this photo, I would have just got back to the beach and walked up to the peak again. It didn't seem that bad from the water...

Quite a beginner mistake, I'd say.
This is the launching point. And that is a big one.

One week in Kauai is almost over and I'm ready for my final comment.
It's a very beautiful island.
Maui, still much better though. For me, at least. For what I like. Here's why:
- not much windsurfing in Kauai (not as often, at least). I love surfing, but windsurfing on waves is not boring either. And it gives me (and my muscles) a little variety.
- the best waves are mostly rights. I like lefts better. Maui got some great lefts (specially on the south shore).
- too much distance between north shore and south shore. If the traffic is bad, it's a two hours deal. I met former Mauian shaper Mark Angel and asked him what he does summer time. He said that there's spots on the north shore that collect a little bit of windswell. Like Pavillions...
Oh boy, If I could only surf Pavillions in summer time I would go nuts!
- yes, I could paddle my one man canoe in the river, but what about those smoking downwinders from Maliko to Kanaha when the trades are 30+?

Ok, let me clarify this. I'm comparing Paradise A to Paradise B. I just like one a little more than the other. But still... both are paradise.


Anonymous said...

hey blog-man. is your newfound fame scoring you any hot p****?

give us some dirt!

cammar said...

My fame is not exactly newfound and, just like someone I know, I don't kiss and tell...

Anonymous said...

that means "yes!"

you my hero, blog-man!

Anonymous said...

I think it actually means no!

dollyna said...

Wow, che meravigliose foto (e non mi riferisco solo alla splendida ragazza!).
Ti ho sbirciato dopo che hai messo un posto su un blog di Positano...certo dall'Italia alle Hawaii non è uno scherzo. Adoro tutte le foto e mi riprometto di leggere con cura il blog, non appena avrò un minuto.
Ciao dal vecchissimo continente!

Anonymous said...

huh?! what did dollyna say? any juicy stuff?

cammar said...

Ciao Dollyna. Benvenuta nel mio blog.