Thursday, September 07, 2006


Very good news.

Today there's a storm north of the Aleutians with a small fetch oriented towards Hawaii. I don't know what the shadowing effet of those islands will be, but the north shore may receive the first small NW swell of the season around Sept 11.

But the real good news (now, since in this case it's a single news, would somebody explain me why it still is news and not just new???), is that the modeled south pacific weather maps show a deep storm forming SE off New Zealand in 48 hours. That would kinldy (...not really!) send us a south swell around Sunday Sept 17. Very similar to the actual one. Generated many, many thousand miles away and that will mean sometimes extended waiting time for the big sets.

I'm glad I went to Italy in June this year, so I will be here in Sept and enjoy all of the above.


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