Thursday, April 09, 2009

sunny side up

Looks like it's going to be rainy for a few days here in Maui, so it's time to finally publish this post that got delayed a couple of times, because I had too much stuff to post.


With this post, I'm finally done with the report from that big N swell weekend.

This video was shot the same day (Friday) the harbor went off.
Before we get to it, a little GoPro tip: to avoid the inside fogging, just like most waterproof cased cameras, you need to spray an anti-fog product on the inside of the case. But, in case you forget (like I did in this case), you can try to turn off the camera as soon as the fog appears. The inside of the case will cool down and the fog will disappear. Then you can turn it on again a be ok for a few minutes. Clearly, it happened that I had the best rides when the camera was off, but at least I got some footage anyway!

The waves were well overhead (check the bottom turn snapshot above).
Again, there's only a couple of half decent waves, a few kook falls, a couple of cool duck dives (hey, I'm on a 8.6!) and the weirdest turtle roll.
But the main thing is the sunshine and the color of the water.
Oh, and if you want to find out why Michelle is everyone's best surfing buddy, wait until the end of the video...

sunny side up from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

The song title means "offshore wind"... I HAD to pick it. The artist is Pino Daniele, a great songwriter from my home town. He's on a mini european tour. Check him out if he comes to your town.

One last mention for Keith Taboul that that day was sitting quite deep and dropped in a couple of bombs ripping the hell out of them. With the wetsuit on and the same haircut, he looked like Kelly Slater!

Let's move on and link a few other GoPro videos.
1) This is the best video with the camera on the front of the surfboard I've seen so far. The rider is my next door neighbor Matt Meola, who is an amazing young ripper: check how quick he is! Knowing the camera, I can guess that those waves must have been pretty big.
On the same page, check out also Joao Marco Maffini: italian dad, brazilian mum, born and raised in Maui, 13 y.o., he recently won the categories 12-13 y.o. and 13-15 y.o. at the Ian Walsh's menehune surf contest at Hookipa.

2) Some italian friends sent me this cool double GoPro kite video from Latina beach. Latina, just like many other towns, is pretty much an horrendous agglomerate of cement buildings. But at least it's on the sea. And for those guys the sea must be the way of escaping the city life and getting back in touch with nature. Good job you guys.

3) Ok, we've shown the wife flashing her body,
let's give some glory to the hubby too.

Not done yet with videos. This one I first thought about sharing it only with my FB friends, because it sucks too much.

But, yesterday I counted the notes of that bass line: around 1900!
Considering that for each one you can make a mistake by:
- playing the wrong one (or the right one, but not clean)
- playing it at the wrong moment
- playing it for the wrong amount of time
- playing it with the wrong intensity,
the total amount of mistake possibilities is 1900*4=7600.
Now I feel a little better about it...


david said...

hahhaha, nice bikini surprise act at the end ;-)

cammar said...

Hi David,

I don't speak Dutch, but for some reasons I was able to appreciate your post with Sean's video and even the post below it... good lord!!!

Antonio said...

Dear GP,

your posts are great, you make us dreaming we had hookipa or kanaha down the road. However, I feel I have to correct one of your statements from 2 posts ago.
You stated that "plastic is virtually non recyclable". This is not true. PET (the plastic used for beverage, food and other liquid containers) IS recyclable. Reducing the use of plastic use is only a partial solution. Recycling, regulating the manufacturing process (to facilitate recycling) and finally forcing the producers to use recycled plastic are the answers. And education!! Educate the kids that littering is murdering!!


david said...

yup GP,

I'm really stoked to come to Maui;-)

like to come over and talk about sexy boards hahahhahah