Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Freak Meet

This was a great event organized by Hot Sails Maui last Sunday.
Light wind (good for longboard sailing) and sunny, lots of people showed up to show off their Superfreaks and socialize.
I got too many photos to chose from and very little time to sort them all out and do a complete post, so I'll start by posting a couple. I'll add more day by day.

Here's the man who had the balls to come up with such a de-volutionary idea of doing modernly cut sails with dacron.
In the name of thousands of happy sailors all over the world: THANK YOU JEFF, those sails rock.

Ask anyone in this photo and they will say the same thing.

First photo was from Bob. Here's his other ones.
Second photo is from Sharon. She got a few more in her latest post, along with a tango dancing Francisco Goya.

After a super windy March, Maui disappointed his windsurfing vacationers with one the the least windy Aprils I can remember in the last eight years.
Still some fun wavesailing sessions (if you knew where to go) and some great (finally!) surfing conditions. My back is sore from paddling and my body is asking for rest. Goodnight and come back for more photos on this post.


Here we go: more pics.
I like the new red of the Ultralights.

Not a fan of the black. But I like the devil woman...

You can put whatever you want on a Superfreak. The name of your company, your favorite rockstar...

The socializing part was great too.

Also thanks to the Superfreak punch...

Juliana dances gracefully (must be the punch).

Bart shows off a classic rail ride on my good old 12.2 (must be the punch).

What are you guys exactly trying to do? (must be the punch)

Tandem boards were a big hit.

Only Superfreaks out at sunset.

What a great day it was!


mystery bob said...


jeff E of the Great White North said...

THAT punch, WOW punched me out!! who mixed that!! well i am not complaining, but a real treat to be there, an honour to meet jeff and co. Jeff invited virtually everyone at kanaha to his place !! All and all a great bunch of people.

Jeff Henderson said...

Thanks for the light wind sailors who showed up! Great fun. Let's do it again next tear with WIND!