Sunday, April 05, 2009

Robby's jump video + yesterday's report

This post was going to be about yesterday's sesh at Hoo, but before I published it, Cookie posted a comment with a Vimeo link to a Keith Teboul cutback.

Thanks Cookie, that's a perfect example of a proper cutback. Windsurfers don't do many of those also because, as Cookie correctly points out, they go upwind in them and the sail slows them down. Hence, they're not as spectacular as the surfing ones. In fact, I like way more those three top turns that Keith does on that wave.

BUT, what really caught my attention was the other video that Cookie had: Robby Naish doing one of those high jumps I caught on photo in the houston we have a problem post.
I HAD to embed it here. Actually this is probably a third one...

Robby Naish from windsurfing fever on Vimeo.

Hey, seen the success of that post (on April 1st I had 1340 unique visitors and 2234 page loads... think about it advertisers, think about it...), I want to see how well the video does.

Well, after the superstars, here's the report of yesterday. Yet another fun 4.5 and windswell day at Hookipa. Thanks to visiting "paesano" Dario from Avellino, I got some pics of my kook self. Fotunately, also some of other sailors. The best one is of Patrick Bergeron.

The other ones in this slideshow.

Live webcast update. Seen the forecast, Dave decided to change his flight to Tuesday night. So you lucky internet surfers will be able to watch the LIVE action at Hookipa Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoon on
PWA managers, are you listening?
BTW, the Waimea bay is already sensing some building 3 feet, 16 seconds from 345 at 9am sunday morning. There will be decent waves already in the late afternoon, building all the way till Tuesday, when the big WNW swell will hit.

Lastly, Makani started a new blog dedicate to environmental issue. Great idea! Please do watch all the videos on it, but specially Charles Moore’s one to understand how much damage we're doing when buying a simple beverage in a plastic bottle.
Talking about which, I'm proud to declare that the number of plastic bottles I bought in the last four or five years is zero. None, nada, nil.
It doesn't take much you guys. I refill my two metal water containers at home and don't buy ANY soft drink at all (those are not only bad for the environment, but also for you).
Did I fix the problem? No, but I'm not doing it worse.
Am I not polluting at all? Unfortunately, I'm still polluting like crazy. So many things are made by plastic (plenty pieces in the keyboard I'm typing on right now, for example), that's almost impossible not to buy stuff contained in or made of plastic.
But if we all try to be careful in what we buy, things can change. The manufacturers will figure that out (they only go after the money), so they will make environmentally friendly packages if they sell more...
Plastic is virtually non recyclable. But it can be reused plenty time. Just don't use it once and throw it away, please.
Specially if you believe in reincarnation and karma. Because that will mean that most likely you are going to be reborn as an albatross. Cool, you would think...
Too bad that you will die by eating plastic bottle tops that your human self threw away in your previous life...
Watch the movie "Hawaii - message in the waves", if you can!


George Markopoulos said...

Naish is a frkg stud

Jeff Galv√£o said...

board manufacturing is also polluting if you're not careful.

cammar said...

board manufactoring is extremely polluting. Actually I don't even know how to be careful and pollute less (not that I make boards). Wonna share some tips with us?

Jeff said...

Thanks for mentioning the new blog GP! After seeing those videos and learning about all that plastic in the ocean I've stopped buying water in plastic bottles. It's easy to do. Get a Sigg or KleenKanteen bottle and fill em up. Thanks for helping to get the word out!