Thursday, April 23, 2009


A blog reader sent me the link to these two incredible GoPro Wide clips.
The first one shows John John Florence getting a 5 seconds barrel at Backdoor Pipe.
The second one shows Jamie Sterling going left at Pipe. Enjoy.

Here's the text of the first email I sent to the GoPro guys. The subject was:"I'm not a dealer..."
...but I could almost be one! I already had three people buy it in 10 days that I have it.

I'd like you to let know whoever thought about such a killer product, that I really enjoy it and I think that you guys are going to make some major money out of it. Once it's out in the market (in the water), it will basically sell by itself.
I also told a couple of surf shop owners in Maui that they should order a few.
If you feel, have a look at my blog. I posted a good number of pics and videos.
And also let me know if you need some help of some kind in Maui.

It was September 27 2006 and the little camera was not wide angle, had no SD card, and could only record 15 seconds mini clips. Still, it showed (at least to me) how extraordinary it was (going to be) compared to those ridicolous backpacks with heavy batter packs, water proof cased camcorder and (hopefully) water proof connection cables...

Thanks to the GoPro guys for having supported me since then and good luck for an even more brilliant future. Don't stop the development and make it even better!


Rotorhead said...

I agree. I get asked about mine every time I go out and I know at least three folks who have purchased one after seeing some of my video. I've used up two of the "extra mount" kits and I still have more stuff I hant to attach it to!

Anonymous said...

Outsider's comment: what a good job you described what was happening otherwise I'd have thought both guys were making a total cock up of going under, instead of over, the waves!!!
Sad John John's parents could not think of a second name for their offspring!
Hey, but I'm a simple Yorkshire lass so what do I know of Maui surfing techniques and Americans giving their children silly names?
Hope you're not offended John John, if you'd been my son I'd have called you something like John Fred :-)


Anonymous said...

Know that first entry won't get published GP but I thought it was amusing!
What do they say? Little things please little minds, whilst bigger fools look on in sympathy!!!!

Anne xx

Anonymous said...

You rotter GP - now I shall have made an enemy for life with John John (good job his surname's not Johnson)!!!!!

Whoops, sorry.