Friday, April 24, 2009

short Kauli interview

Just received a FB message about the Freak Meet event that says:
Rain or shine, wind or no wind let's meet at Kanaha at 10 AM!
Then it's all up to weather... but we will have fun regardless.
Hot Sails Maui Crew

PS. Talking about Facebook, I'd like to celebrate the 100th unaccepted request of my friendship. Mr. Carlo Buono was the fortunate winner of.. absolutely nothing.
Sorry to all of the people that requested my FB friendship, but I already have too many friends (thinking about deleting a few...) and FB is becoming unusable and quite uninteresting.
Knowing that someone that I don't even know is getting ready to go the gym on the other side of the world, is not a particularly exciting thing for me.
Jesus, am I snob or what?
Ops, 101...
PPS. Good looking women are welcome exceptions.


The other day I parked behind Kauli's truck.

Here's a de-tail of his quad.

Today I met him at Mana food's and I asked him a few questions.
GP. Hey, what's up with these quads now?
Kauli. I like them: as loose as a twin fin, but more drive in the turns.
GP. What's the downside?
Kauli: Haven't find it yet.
GP. Did you sit together with Keith in front of his computer and designed it with him?
Kauli. Yes.
Then a couple of hot chicks passed by and we both completely lost our focus...


Anonymous said...

And you call yourself a journalist? HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Ely from NYC

Lano said...

Thats exactly how I would imagine an interview with Kauli would be,

did that interview happen in front of the organic chicken thighs section? Or in front of the melons?

Anonymous said...

Whatever else you are GP you are definitely not a snob. Maybe a slob, but not a snob :-)