Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple of memorable sessions

Here are some photos from Wednesday late afternoon session.

Andres, when the wind was still cranking.

Me and Kauli (it's a thrill just to write that...)

Carbon copy of the previous turn. Way too early, way too downwind of the peak... and there's not even Kauli on the background!

Levi shows me how to do it.

And Eyal too.

6.05 The conditions are improving (and my turns too).

6.13 This is the last photo my friend took, before a squall came and he had to leave.
After that there were four sailors left in the water (me, Levi and two others) and for twenty more minutes we had consistent logo high superclean sets. Surfers were out at green trees, so we only had the last bowl, but it was a freaking blast.
Levi was screaming "sooo good" and that should give you an idea of how really good it was. Luck, somebody said. The power of knowledge, I replied...

Thursday was another phenomenal session, with light offshore wind and clean big waves. Hookipa supercrowded (I guess I was wrong, assuming that the photoshoots were over), I sailed down the coast and had another magnificent session.
Now the wind is going to really get light (maybe another scholg and surf sesh this afternoon?) and I'm off to Hana for the weekend. But first to surfing this morning before work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Giampaolo,

do you like your evil?

Thanks for all the pictures and movies

cammar said...

I do. I will add a more detailed feedback when I get back from Hana.
Morning surf session was great too.
I love Maui...

Anonymous said...

what size is the ul you are using in the photos

cammar said...

Yes, that's a 4.7 (way too big at the beginning of that session, but perfect for the last part of it).

As for the evil twin: I have to concur with everything Ola said when he sold it to me. Let's see...
It's a great allround board, but it's not super radical. It planes super early and once on the plane it's pretty fast.
It floats great to be only 72 (even though it says 70) and as such I can handle pretty light wind conditions. But I can't uphual on it (I'm sure the good guys could).
If I'm slow on a wave, it's a hell lot of fun since it's quite turny.
But if I'm pretty fast, I can't really carve the rail deep in the water as I would like to (also because of my poor skill level, of course).
I guess it has to do with the wide tail, which is one of the reason that makes it an easy board.
At 55cm of width, it's one of the easiest 72l I've ever tried, in terms of tacking and going over white water.
So, overall, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to surf at Hana or do you take a weekend break from the water sports?