Monday, April 20, 2009

blog author in Hana

Blog author shows that it's possible to bodyboard even with an amputated leg.
He just got to figure out a better way of wearing the fin.

Blog author knows how to look sexy.

Blog author decides that bodyboards are not as fun as surfboards and grabs an old 9.2.
Notice the remarkable depth of field of this photo. You can see the canoe paddles lined up on the beach at Hana bay.

Blog author goes right.

Blog author made sure not to drop in this guy.

Blog author and blog author's buddy on a hike.

Blog author met fellow countryman Dario a few days ago. He looked like a nice guy and blog author invited him in Hana. Little he knew he would have turned into Jesus.

Blog author catches a left at Koki beach.

Blog author rides a left at Koki beach.

Blog author wonders if he's ever going to be as confortable on a shortboard as he is on a longboard.

Blog author will find out this summer.

Before saying goodbye, blog author links Sharon's Hana post.

Blog author says goodbye.


Anonymous said...

maybe blog author is related to Julius Caesar?

enzoriat said...

Ciao, mi sembra di rivedervi a Scauri, manca solo una Peroni.

Anonymous said...

maybe blog author shouldnt make jokes with amputees

Lano said...

I really dont know what to say...I honestly never thought I would see you holding a boby board,

reminds me of an old windsurfing movie with, I think it was Peter Volwater, when he says 'were gonna put on our fins, grab our bodyboards and shred...hehehe'

Hana looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Not the most flattering pictures I have seen of you GP - on Sharon's blog I called you a Greater Blue-footed Booby which dwells on the Galapagos Islands - the single-legged GBFB is hilarious. Shortening my name for you almost turns you into a Roald Dahl book character:-)

However, despite my sarcasms (who me?) looks like you had a blast in Hana.