Sunday, September 06, 2009

back to my old local spot

After 8 years, I went back and sailed my old local windsurfing spot of Scauri.

Not exactly Hookipa Beach Park.

Not exactly 4.7 side off and logo high.

But, a bunch of old friends!
Notice the abundance of beers (how refreshing that you can legally drink wherever you want) and the lack of ladies (the two things being probably related).

Anyway, next time I'll sail in "not optimal" conditions in Maui, I'll think about my friends here and I will not allow myself to express any kind of complains...

Back home I fell asleep at 9pm and was hoping to finally have a full night sleep to recover the 12 hours time difference. Too bad that at 12.30am (!) the city council had scheduled a firework show for the opening of the bloody Piedigrotta festival.

I hate fireworks (specially when they wake me up) for they mean unnecessary pollution. Those ones in particular were on the water. I wonder how many birds and fish died eating the fireworks remains floating on the water, thinking they were edible.

The cars under my parents house had stopped in the middle of the street to watch the show (Napolitans, in fact, believe that the use of the hazards lights allows them to park the car wherever they want).
The people stuck behind were shouting:"ue', get you car out of the way!"
And the illegally parked car owners were replying just as loud:"oh just wait a little, can't you see we're watching the fireworks?"

This is just a little example of the lack of respect for the others that characterizes the people from Naples (actually the Italians in general, but the Napolitans in particular). And you wonder why I'm never too excited to come here?

Friday night there's a free Elton John concert in Piazza del Plebiscito. Tens of thousands of Napolitans will attend. Maybe I should go so that, just like with the sailing conditions, I will appreciate more the people in Maui when I'll be back...

PS. Waves out of the NW are lining up for the second half of the week in Maui. Let's see if the Hookipa Rockstar Contest gets some other contestants.
I already got two more sponsors that I will announce shortly, so the thing is going to get interesting. Don't forget that to claim a point you have to:
1) go on the rocks
2) leave a comment claiming the point on the HRC's Facebook group page.


Sharon said...

Jesus, it looks like the San Siro mid Inter/Juve!

The festival is offering fun for the whole family with Guided tours to Crypta Neapolitana (ooo those Napolitians know how to have a good time)! Better go to a club Saturday though, as more bombs are scheduled for 11pm.

Anonymous said...

hi giampaolo,

enjoy la bella italia - and peroni!

looks like you have more waves there than we currently have here ;)



Anonymous said...

You've shattered a life-held belief that where there are Italians there are women. I'm shocked to see a table full of studs and no ladies.


Andrea Pagan's Blog said...

Ciao GP...
se vuoi passare in quel di torbole..fai un fischio l'email c'e l'hai!!


cammar said...

thanks for noticing that. I'll wear my ear plugs.

thanks for mentioning that, but you got waves on your way. Rip it up. I'm checking Francky's site daily.

that might be true outside of Italy. Here they're all italians! Doesn't quite work like that...

Sharon said...

PS: Is that Ely on the left?