Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Hookipa

Second and last post update: at the end of the post I added a short clip of Robby's first wave and the links to a couple of other videos on the net. Enjoy.

First post update: at the end of the post, I added a short gopro video of four waves at Kanaha. I'm not done yet, since I have more Hookipa clips to upload. Make sure to come back...


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As predicted, the waves were big at Hookipa yesterday, Friday September 25.

Photo of the day goes to Philippe, with a beautiful bottom turn right in front of a wall of water. Look how forward he's leaning. That way he's putting weight on the whole inside rail of his board and hence he's using it through its whole length. Well done.
I noticed that when the waves get big, I kind of like bottom turns shots more than top turns. Two reasons for that:
1) you see the big wave behind
2) most sailors, understandably, don't hit the lip just as hard when it's mast high or more...

And now the rest of the photos in strict chronological order.
Levi when the sun was still shining.

It's great to see old glories like Sierra Emory back in action. That board is AT LEAST eight years old.

Luke Siver, always stylish. This aerial was way bigger, but I caught it on the way down.

Michi Schweiger elegantly squeezed between the rocks without ending up on them. Sorry, no points for the Hookipa Rockstar Contest.

Keith Teboul.

Jason Diffin bottom turning on a monster.
Unfortunately from now on it got cloudy and the light is quite poor. That was a bummer for Jace Panebianco too, with whom I had the pleasure to share the spot on the bluff. He was filming for The Windsurfing Movie 2. On the movie website there's a lottery for some interesting prizes, like a trip to Maui. Check it out!

Interesting wipeout by Julien.

Another sweet lay down bottom turn by Jason Diffin.

Rush Randle. His board is probably even more than eight years old. Doesn't matter. Once you know how to rip, you rip no matter what you ride. Even though I have to admit that the new shorter multi-finned boards seemed to go more vertical.

Rush again.

And Rush again.


This sailor escapes me in this moment.

The shorebreak bodyboard girls.


Tormod sent me this shot. It might be the same aerial, but shot from a different angle and with a way better timing.


And this is a short clip to show a bis set. I shot a few more of those, and I will add them whenever I got time together with some gopro footage of my Kanaha session. So come back to this post to check them out.

Quick forecast.
After this big swell that will stick around for the whole weekend, unfortunately the weather maps show a humongous high pressure dominating the north pacific for the next 8 days or more!
For Hawaii that means, strong trade winds, plenty windswell, but no ground swells whatsoever. Those are my least favorite conditions, but I am not going to complain at all because, no matter how shitty it will be for the Maui standards, it will still be a thousand times better than where I used to live in my previous life...
Plus the windswell at Hookipa or Uppers can be fun. Maybe I'll even score some points for the Rockstar Contest!

And here's the gopro video I shot the same day at Kanaha. Not exactly over mast high, but still fun. Check the sky in the background. Later on those clouds would turn red for quite a dramatic sunset.

PS. Mick Fanning won the ASP contest in France (in quite poor conditions). He's now very close to Parko in the rankings. Thanks to the $105,000 of the Trestles contest, he's actually leading the year earnings with a total up to date of $188,700... and that's from the contests only!

Here's Robby's first wave.

And here's the links to Jeff's and Bernd's (age 12) videos.


Lano said...

Hey GP, Great work getting OES up as a sponsor, Pete has a really good product and is a top bloke! Plus he is a South Aussie :)

cammar said...

Well, I don't know Pete, but I know the Maui guy Russ, and he's a top bloke too. They have a factory at the cannery in Haiku.

tormod said...

Great post GP, thanks for the link on my blog on your site, and cool to see the pix of Robby. See you around.

benjaminpink said...

Hey Gp,
Nice photos!
I'm coming to Maui on Tuesday for a vacation. I'm actually going to try to see the OES factory and maybe demo a board or two. should be good...


Anonymous said...

Hi GP ...nice picsss!
Levi got so much style in his moving !
most of the pics and videos of him are exiting... what about his brother he younger then Levi..and do you think he wants to be a pro as well ?

cammar said...

Hey Ben,
email me if you need car/gear/place to stay.

Luke is older (I think) than Levi, and has a wife, a kid, a job and no intention of doing the 'pro' (or should it be 'poor'?) windsurfer thing. I'm afraid the days when pro windsurfers made a lot of money are over.
It's like the other way around now: you have to have a lot of money to be a pro windsurfer...

nico said...

GOOD VIDEO GP even if I must say I prefer the POV from the helmet: more "into" the moves bottom-top turn ecc
going to buy a new gopro right now.. probably for you videos and suggests too..
thanks again

Lano said...

really nice riding GP, good to see this perspective, you get a long way out in front of the wave before coming back up the face, something I am learning at the moment, good to see how its done,

Anonymous said...

Quote GP:"It's like the other way around now: you have to have a lot of money to be a pro windsurfer..."

Totally true, and we down here have to pay 3 to 4 times more than you!!!

Are those the new goya sails? (keith, levi).


cammar said...

Ciao Nico,
good luck with your gopro!

the secret to a deep bottom turn is to be fast (a big wave helps for that since you drop from a higher spot) and not to lose speed. For that, you have to lean forward like Philippe in the first photo.
Don't forget to slide the back hand back on the boom in the bottom turn and slide it back forward in the top turn.

yes, 2010 Goya sails. They look really good. I don't like the black color though. I NEVER liked any black sails. The only thing I like in black are women... ;)

Anonymous said...

That was one crazy bottom turn by Robbie. He put that sail down soooo fast. I guess age isn't slowing him down...


cammar said...

that bottom turn was so amazing that it impressed me even when I saw it live in the tiny little screen of my camera.

No, age is not slowing him down.

Age is not slowing me down either... yet. I know that there will be one day in which I won't get better anymore. I hope that day is far to come...

Lano said...

Funny you should say t hat GP, I was just telling Kym how much better your sailing has gotten!

Dave said...

GP, That was a great mount on your gopro. Way cool. Don't know if you've sen this but it is awesome. check it out.

Aloha, Dave

cammar said...

I can't wait to get one...