Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trestles (day 3)

Third and last Trestles report. Let's start with a sequence of CJ Hobgood.

Again, this is a mushy wave. Look how much speed (spray) he was able to generate on it.

I think surfing is the sport in which one can more freely move the body.

CJ continues his dance.

Well, if CJ deserved a short sequence, this young blonde gal deserves a long one.

Mr 9 world titles is experimenting with stringers.
Talking about which, Gianfranco has invented a new way of building blanks. He patented it and he's now getting the attention of the first shapers and surf companies. Too early still to disclose details, I just hope that his intuition will be appreciated the way it deserves.

Slater vs Alves was a fun heat.
Kelly starts the exchange.





The crazy inventor.

The NW buoy reads 10 feet @ 18 seconds tonight. And the direction quickly turned to a less westerly direction around 320-325.
That means that tomorrow the waves at Hookipa will be massive and though a rather squally weather will make it ever trickier. Better recharge some batteries (both camera's and mine)...

1) Excellent second issue of the online Windsurfer International Magazine.

2) Norway blog reader Tormod is in Maui and took some photos of the surfers at Hookipa. Photos 13 to 16 are of a surfer with straps on the board. Rush Randle has been doing that for years so I assume it's him. First time I saw it from the bluff I didn't know he had straps and I went:"Wow, what kind of wax does that guy use?!?!!"
Here's Tormod's blog with his first impression of his custom quads.

3) The Quicksilver Pro France ASP surfing contest started. Here's the live webcast.

4) The PWA Sylt windsurfing contest started too, but the only live coverage you get on the PWA site is the usual lame text live ticker. No offense for the person who does it (it's actually brilliant!). What's lame is trying to cover a windsurfing contest with text updates!
I'd rather read the sailors' comments on their blogs. Here's KP's and Phil Horrocks' ones.


Anonymous said...

GP, I´m jealous!!!
Like CJ Hobgood´s style!

Let´s see how it continues in France! Bad conditions these days!

I would love to surf trestles someday, but I see it very far.


cammar said...

I knew you would have liked those shots...

Howard said...

Great blog, and really enjoyed the photos. I quit IT a few years back too, and am living the hermits dream on the North coast of Devon. Please check the blog.

Lano said...

hahahha long one......