Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oregon session

Glenn sent me the link to this video documenting a session in Oregon. Got to love those GoPro cameras...

The Windsurfer - Oregon Session from Glenn Haslbeck on Vimeo.

Right now Maui is blessed with the big waves of the second major early NW swell of the season. Levi is back and Francky has a new camera: here's the result.

And there's even a third major N swell scheduled for around Thursday! Unreal. Again, if "il buongiorno si vede dal mattino" (not sure there's an equivalent saying in English: 'you can tell a good day from its morning'?), this could be a fantastic winter. But I understand enough of meteorology to know that unfortunately a good start doesn't necessarily mean that... It doesn't really matter: a shitty winter in Maui is still a great winter!

Anyway, unfortunately I'm going to miss that swell. Or better, I'm going to miss it in Maui, but I could catch it in California. On Wednesday Sept 16, in fact, I will be in LA and will spend three days there. If the Hurley pro Trestle will still be on, I'll check out the action of the best surfers in the world. If it will be over already, I'll go surf myself... I can't wait to drop in on Kelly Slater!

AND - just checked the latest 7 days model run - there's already a fourth swell forecasted a few days after the Thursday one... that one I will catch it in Maui!
Can't wait: the gulf of Naples is beautiful, but boringly flat.

PS. OMG! By complete chance it happens that the Porcupine Tree will play in LA the night of the 19th, and I leave on the 20th morning... sometimes the coincidences can be extremely bizzare, can't they?

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nico said...

everytime I check your blog and found some special videos (like this one in oregon) I keep on repeating to myself: "what am I doing here??" Maybe for just a couple a week... but I promise: Maui I'm coming!!

congrats as usual