Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bruno's video

It's time for this video that I've been wanting to embed for a while.

Oahu French sailor Bruno Sillac shot and edited this video while recovering from an ankle injury. It's mostly filmed at Da Spot and this is the email I sent him after I watched it (he was so nice to send me the dvd).



I LOVE the video! I watched it (twice!) yesterday and I had tears in my eyes at the end. Sure, the fact that I had the pleasure to meet the boys and share those great waves with them made me a special watcher, but I think that the video is so well done that MANY other sailors would enjoy.

Other than Fabrice, in fact, most sailors are not sponsored, there's no stickers on the sails, there's no double loops or things that only the very top sailors can do. It's a video of a small community of sailors with regular jobs and beat up sails that rip their local spot. It's different from what you find on the shelves of the windsurfing shops.

Great shooting, great editing, great music, great video. Thanks a lot!!!!!

It's 20 minutes long, so start it and pause it so that your computer can load it, go get a cold one and enjoy it. The last two minutes are particularly significative.
In fact, that's when I ride a wave! And right after that, check:
- how my 81 liters beautifully does the submarine in an what is clearly a major lull
- a surfer catching a wave close to the rocks at China Walls
- Ken riding his polyester board with no footpads
- Fabrice in a sweet aerial
- Fabian riding an awesome looking wave
- a collage of other images matching the rhythm of that great final song: The funeral by The band of horses.
After I watched it, I immediately bought that song from amazon (don't you love that you can buy a song for 99c and have it on your computer after 30 seconds?), for I think it's just perfect as a last song of a windsurfing video. In other words: Bruno, I'm going to copy you.


And this is Francis' (one of the sailors) website: http://www.waterproofsphotography.com where you can check plenty great water shots. Give him a call if you want a water photoshoot in Oahu.

On a different note, here's the surfline 5 days wave forecast for Hawaii.

I'm already pouty (in case you don't know that word, it means pissed off) not to be able to enjoy that major swell in the weekend, but I wish all my friends in Maui the best fun with it... dammit!
What can I say. Two major swells already by mid september... this could be a bloddy good year. We all hope so, don't we?


mystery bob said...

I thought I saw magnum P.I.'s Tom Selleck in there somewhere. Nice production supporting local regulars. That first song made me so uncomfortable I tuned my guitar. Thanks.

wally said...

Awesome job Bruno, thanks for taking the time to produce it and share your creativity with us. I think I would have to break both my ankles to be able to sit down long enough to edit my videos that well!

Nice work.

Greg said...

wow, awesome movie !!

Windwiner said...

Hi GP,
Hope your eating and drinking yourself fat back home. Thanks for posting the Bruno video. I couldn't believe my eyes when Ken Murphy's name came up on the screen. Ken is an old friend of mine from when I lived on Oahu 20 something years ago when we worked at Windsurfing Hawaii together. I haven't seen him since the early 90's. So stoked to see he is still ripping on the south shore. Is there anyway that you could help me get a message to him? I don't want to impose, but it would be cool to get back in touch with him and catch up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable video. Loved the sound tract. What is the name of the second song and who performed it? The third song is Fever, by whom?

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Bruno, thanks for all your comments!

DG send me an email at brsillac@yahoo.com and I will give you ken's phone number.

Second song
Name: Sender
Album: Summer in abaddon

Third song
Fever by Sarah vaughan