Thursday, September 10, 2009

good luck Baptiste!

This is the kind of posts I hate doing.

French windsurfer/surfer Baptiste Gossein has suffered a serious accident while surfing Teahupoo in Tahiti where he recently moved. Here's a short article about the accident.

Surfing (and windsurfing and kitesurfing and so on) give us incredible joy and stoke and love for life, but sometimes they take their toll. We all know that it's part of the game and it can happen anytime to anyone, but when it happens to a friend of yours, it's definitely harder to swallow.

Baptiste's Maui friends will be gathering this Sunday at 4pm at Hookipa to take some pictures to send him to comfort him. I'm in Italy and I can't be there, but I send Baptiste my best wishes for a successful healing.

Good luck, brother.


Anonymous said...

As a reader and non-participant of your sport I never think of the dangerous side. It is obvious from your comments that Baptiste has suffered some serious injury - my French is very schoolgirl but the one word that jumped out at me was vertebra so I'm assuming he has damaged his back in some way.
That makes my imagination go into overdrive and I do hope for your friend's sake he makes a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

I don't know french that well but judging by what I saw it seems life threatening. Is this the case?

Nelisblog said...

Google Translate:

TEAHUPOO - Victim of a swell from the west

A surfer was critically injured Tuesday in Teahupoo, on the famous spot Hava'e. Gossein Baptiste, aged about 25 years, has indeed fallen heavily on the reef of the peninsula, carried by a wave while surfing in difficult conditions, according to Van Raimana Bastolaer: "The wave was not too large, about two meters, but it was west, and there was the rising tide. It's always very dangerous, "we" he told Teahupoo been very touched by the accident suffered by his friend.

Baptiste took a wave, but he fell to his full height, and was thrown against the reef. As soon rescued by his comrades on the spot, he was taken to hospital Mamao, seriously injured his back: he suffered vertebrae. Yesterday, his friends had the most serious concerns about the consequences of this accident on the health of Baptist. The Metropolitan is installed for almost a year to the peninsula and decided to live at Teahupoo, having passion for this spot. Known for its performance in wind surfing, he has already faced the enormous waves of Hawaii, and has since decided to spend some time surfing.

cammar said...

No life treatening.
I don't know all the details, but it's too early to know the long term consequences.