Monday, September 21, 2009

Trestles (day 1)

I'm back in Maui and that feels really, really good.

As you will see from this post (and the following ones), California is not a bad place for surfing. But even if the water temperature was, for a change, even trunkable, you just can't beat Hawaii's water. The color, the temperature, the cleanness.
I got in the water at Hookipa this morning at 6.30 and immediately got a big smile on my face.
Every Maui resident should make sure to go somewhere else at least once a year to come back and appreciate...

Anyway, here's a few pics of the first day at Trestles. The contest wasn't on, but that didn't stop me from snapping a few.

Beautiful sunset light.

Trestles is a wild place. Unless the train is passing by, you can't hear any noise other than the waves. I love that. As usual, there was not a single cloud in the sky and the sun was ferocious.
Gianfranco didn't seem to mind. He's probably conceiving one of this mesmerizing thoughts. What a mind.

A bit of surfing now. This guy was pretty good.

This kid surfed relentlessly (and well) for hours. I admit, I wished I was him.

Got even dropped in by the good guy.

Very good forecast ahead. Pat Caldwell does one of his memorable weather wrap-ups and explains us why we're soon going to have yet another big NW swell. Lots of west in it, but it should be big enough.
And with my new, fantastic, winter work schedule of 10 to 2, I'm looking forward to surfing it in the early morning and sailing it in the afternoon.

Life is a joy.


mystery bob said...

Hele On bruddah G.

Lano said...

10-2, does that include a lunch break? :)
Welcome back GP, see you in 8 months

Anonymous said...

You have to go away to appreciate what you've got at "home". I guess your groupies will have missed your photographs of female bodies! You obviously haven't lost your eye!