Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indonesia + Tsunami warning

12.40 update.

So a tsunami did hit Samoa. Here's the sad >news.

At the same time the warning for Hawaii has been cancelled. But I heard that the lifeguards will close all the beach parks from 1 to 4. If that's true, that means no sailing at Hookipa this afternoon.
Oh well, time to finally get those clothes off the floor...


A Tsunami warning is in effect for the south Pacific. This is why.

If you live in a place in the Pacific Ocean don't panic, but do check the NOAA link too see if the warning is confirmed. Scheduled time for the eventual tsunami to hit Honolulu is 23.15Z which I believe is 1.15pm Hawaii time today Tuesday 9 29.
I also believe that only the south shores would eventually be affected, but... I take no responsibility for that!!


Argentinian windsurfer Felipe is in vacation in Indonesia (which this time doesn't have to worry about this tsunami) and sent me these photos (gracias!). Seen the lack of epic waves here in Maui this week, they are more than welcome...

Nice wipeout!


Anonymous said...

Read about the tsunami with great sympathy to the people involved but didn't think about little Maui being affected - sobering thought.


cammar said...

In fact, Maui wasn't affected.