Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 days a week (Maui style)

Here's a video that celebrates the recent epic week of surfing we just had.

More great surfing yesterday, today, tomorrow... my windsurfing calluses are falling off, but my surfing rashes are flourishing!

Today final day of the Pipe masters. Quarterfinals start at 9am.


enricowave said...

Very Good!!
Non ti invidio per niente...
...per niente no, ma per tutto sì!!!
Beato te, qua in Adriatico aria 4°C e acqua 13°C
...ma si surfa lo stesso!!
L'importante è lo spirito (che devi avere in corpo: beer, wine or others...!!!)
eh! eh! eh!

millhead said...

magnifico...i am quite jealous and it's not a matter of if i am going to move to maui and join in on the lifestyle...it's a matter of when.

safe surfing



Chris Freeman said...

Love the turtle at the end...

Anonymous said...

That makes me wish I was sitting in a deckchair watching you from the safety of the beach!


Anonymous said...

nice videos!! I'm asking what do people outside of our surfing/windsurfing world think when they see all this? that is unreal or fake?...jumping and see a turtle??? windsurfing with dolphins??? looking Jaws with huge waves?? is getting normal for me...I guess that is all relative...for others is normal to surf Jaws!!

btw how do you prevent fogging in the gopro camera?


cammar said...

Ciao Paolo,

the GoPro guys sent me some little shims that absorb the humidity. I guess they wanted me to test them. They work great and I suggested to include them in the package. No idea of where you can find them...