Sunday, December 06, 2009

day 3 of a series of big NW swells

Saturday report: the waves were big and a little all over the place with those three different periods overlapping.
The lefts at Kanaha were mean and unridable, but I had some fun on the inside of the rights... sooo much paddling, though.
Here's one.

a right a kanaha from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

I heard the west side was epic, but in the afternoon I could only take an epic nap trying to recover a bit. Got to pace myself in these kind of days...

This is the weather map of Saturday afternoon. What a beautiful and huge fetch that is. The pressure went down to 949 and don't forget that the sea in that fetch was already developed. It's not hype, this is going to be a swell that will be remembered for a while.

I'm not going to Oahu: too much stress and traffic jams and flooded highways. Plus they'll do the Eddie on the internet. Plus, Jaws is going to be 70+. Plus I foresee a narrow window of possible epic wavesailing conditions on monday afternoon. Plus, I live in Maui, the most beautiful place on Earth: no need to go anywhere else!

Off to my daily dose of waves.
PS. The contest at sunset is on today.

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