Monday, December 07, 2009

day 5 of a series of big NW swells: Jaws

The Eddie is on!

Today's photos and video. Come back tomorrow for the caption.


Anonymous said...

the video is terrific ! "oh my god " ! :-)

Anonymous said...

amazing shots GP! I look forward to reading your report!! It was huge but I could not tell if it was 'biggest ever' from the pics. Maybe I was right and was more hype than reality? Models are models, they can be a bit wrong. Also, could you spot Laird apart form the rest as used to happen or the pack did catch up?
Too bad the wind was a no-show...

Anonymous said...

holy palms started sweating just watching that dude be pulled from the wash on the jet ski...epic waves right now...thanks for sharing!

Olaf said...


"easy,easy... I´m recording" jajaja

who were out there? Laird, IanWalsh, ?

millhead said...

i hate cliches...but, i gotta use one here...epic waves.

great shots and movie...

keep'em coming

i wish safe surfing for all that follow their passion

Janis Markopoulos said...


pat said...


pat said...

That wasn't the right place to be, I think the rider had some anxious moments
grtzs from a colder Belgium

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the link for the Eddie A comp.

I have just been watching the last two heats of the comp live! Talk about amazing drops and wipeouts! Haven't done much work in the last two hours - but who cares :)

Also great video of the Jaws wipeout GP(nice commentry by Sharon in the background)

Looking forward to more great shots and video's!


cammar said...

thanks everyone, quick replies.

Marcos, it wasn't the biggest ever at all! The swell was big and went up to 20 feet later in the day, but not 25 as it was forecasted.
As Pat Caldwell wrote, with the quickscat satellite out of order, they don't know for sure the wind speeds and the forecasts are going to get more unreliable until they have that information again.
I still don't think it was hype. That was a monster fetch.

Laird and Ian are the only two I'm 100% positive that were out there (funny that you mention them!). No idea about the others. I assume Kalama was out, just because wife and baby were watching too...
Oh, and a guy called Patrick that I met at yoga (who told me that he went left on a wave and Ian went right...).

before going for my own big waves session (see upcoming post... whenever I will find the time), I thought about putting the link there so that maybe someone would tune into it thanks to me. I'm very glad to find out that at least one did and I'm even more glad to find out it was you!
I watched the round 2 and I ohmygodded very often... what a show that was!

Robin said...

Great post G.P.

The live webcast is amazingly good. I really hope that the PWA gets to do something like that too!

Hope your bigwave session went o.k.

Aloha from the Netherlands,

Anonymous said...

very true about the ohmygoding, I was the same on the 3rd and last round... it was really hypnotic

great to see some of the lesser names reall charge, the guy from Chile got a perfect 100! also the oldest guy was Eddie's younger brother who was about 60!