Thursday, December 24, 2009

gorgeous day

This is Hookipa this morning.


The point.

Nick Warmuth drops in at Lanes...

...and looks from some shade from the sun. He's gonna love these shots.
Brah, you have to thank your lovely girlfriend who told me you were there, otherwise I would have kept shooting Hookipa...

All these other ones are at The point.

I'm so surfed out. Catching waves on a 6.6 at Kanaha takes a lot of paddling... my muscles are stiff as a brick, I need a massage soon.

At 7pm this evening, the backup NW buoy reads 19 feet, 17 sec, from a surprising NNW direction, from which Maui's north shore will be seriously impacted.
Since most forecast sites are posting winds from the east around 15 mph, most windsurfers are excited.
I personally don't think windsurfing is going to happen. It will be a cloudy/rainy day and the wind won't be accelerated by the heating of the land.
I'm probably going surfing south. You guys give me a call if I'm wrong, please.
With a mountain like the Haleakala, you never know...

Talking about which, today the House of the sun was entirely cloudless and up to its name. Going uphill this afternoon I had a moment in which I thought I was driving in Utah in summertime... absolutely stunning beauty.

Going to sleep, more waves to be caught tomorrow.
Oh yeah, it's Christmas eve... was it a special day?
Hell yeah!
Not because of the calendar, but because it was yet another gorgeous day in Maui...

PS. The fourth number of the Windsurfer International is out. There's an article about the GoPro camera. Too bad it doesn't have any reference to how extraordinary the new HiDef one is. That should motivate me to write something about it...


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Outdrsmn said...

Nice shots GP. Anyone else notice the face in the wave on the first shot.

Meesh said...

Aghhhhh! If I was still arse deep in powder I wouldn't care, but I'm arse deep in rain now so I'm ready to get back for some of this!!!