Friday, December 04, 2009

First day of a series of big NW swells... so much fun!

After surfboard and windsurf boards, those gopro cameras are the most fun toy ever invented...

so much fun from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

The afternoon saw some light Kona winds and Pascal put up a show on the weird wave. Congrats, that didn't look easy.

Today (Friday morning 5.30am) should offer some more fun surfing with the first swell that went down a bit and the winds that are still light konas. The wind should then switch from the north in the afternoon.

Saturday, 15 feet at the buoy. Monday/Tuesday, 25 feet at the buoy. With a 2+ feet high tide in the early morning, ocean front properties on the north shore of all hawaiian islands are at serious risk.

I'm thinking about going to check out the Eddie at Waimea bay on Monday/Tuesday, but I'm scared by the immense traffic jam in which the Kamehameha highway will turn into... IF the police won't completely close it due to the ocean flooding.

Maybe I'll stay here and go take photos of the biggest Jaws waves ever. Plus I wonna surf too and in Oahu I would have no idea of where to go surf with those size waves... we'll see. It's going to be a last minute decision.

Allright, dawn patrolling is calling.


Sharon said...

LOL-super video and what a nice relaxed surfing style you've grown into.

Anonymous said...

hey gp whats up? this is butch checking in from south lake tahoe where I have moved to, to use the snow for fun on a full time basis. Your vid looks good, but you didn't say where you were surfing. Its funny but I check the maui wind cam just about every day because thats where I was living before I left. The season here is off to a good start and we are expecting much snow when then lows that are hitting you guys now and in the next week hit here with hope fully large amounts of snow. I'll send you some pics later, good job
aloha for now butch

Anonymous said...

Great clip, but don't you get a lot of sinusitis with those abysses keeping the water behind the nose? This is actually a serious question, I've got great problem wave surfing due to similar water falls after a session.

Magnum said...

Super cool video and music! Take care with those big waves coming.
Hang loose GP

Andrea Pagan's Blog said...

Il finale e' il TOP...

Bravo GP!


cammar said...

thanks for the comments.

Butch, howzit! The title of the video says it's Kanaha... have fun with the snow!

Anon, never had any sunisitis problem... yet, at least.
Starting to believe I got a bit of surfer's ear though... google it.

TonyWind said...

Terrific video Giampa. Quality of HD is noticeable.
How big the waves are? Are u using your town & country board?

cammar said...

Hi Tony,
waves were head to a couple of feet overhead high. Yes, my 8.6 is the one where I put the mount for the camera. I still suck too much on the 6.10 to put it there...
Double overhead and some steep drops (different spot) the day after instead (see next post).