Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Olukai SUP race

Olukai is a brand of slippers owned by my friend Matthew. They do a lot of things for the community.

Yesterday there was the SUP downwind race from Maliko to Kanaha. Randy did a fantastic photo report on this thread of his standupzone forum.
Here's the top 6 ladies of the Elite category won by - surprise surprise - brazilian Andrea Moeller (right).

Here's the guys. The winner was another brazilian Maui resident: Livio Menelao (left). Forgot the name of the Oahu paddler that came in second, third was Dave Kalama (now, that's a real surprise!) who is not in the picture, fourth Connor Baxter.

Brazilians also won the GP contest for the best female hair.

But, and that is a huge surprise, they didn't win the GP bikini contest!

At one point the helicopter hovered upon the ceremony to throw flowers. I was probably the only one in the crowd thinking:"what an unnecessary way of polluting"...

The result was undoubtedly picturesque, but again... really necessary?

The thing is that EVERYTHING we do pollutes. This blog pollutes because it's made by me using a computer and is read by you using a computer.

As you can see from the generator behind him, even the lovely melodies sung by John Cruz were polluting.

In order not to pollute, we should go back at doing only things using stuff that is available "as is" in nature. Things like this.

The young hula dancers were extremely cute.

Beautiful interpretation.

Multi hull canoe in action.

John Cruz feeling it.

And playing it.

Future paddler.

Now, let's have a look at this week's content of my po box.
ALL you see is unsolicited, unnecessary and polluting marketing shit.
Even a bloody plastic bag! In my po box!!! That's too much.
I have to find a way of not making that happen. Anyone out there knows how? I'm talking about the bulk mail that is not addressed to my name, but to the generic po box holders. I'll talk to the post office, but in the meantime post suggestions if you have any. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Stop the mail?

You obviously haven't seen the Seinfeld episode were Kramer decides to take action against the number of junk mail catalogues he gets send in the mail. He goes down to his local post office asking them to stop the mail. At that point all sort of mayhem breaks loose.

But seriously, have you tried a "No Junk Mail" note on the box?

Alternatively get a Post Box at your post office and then remove the letter box at your house.

Unless of course you are around our neighbourhood where they simply dump the jump mail on your front porche. And seriously, how many copies of the same Thai takeaway flyer do you really need?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Mark and Donna, didn't they race?


cammar said...

nope, I obviously haven't seen it, because I don't watch television (other than sports events).
Mayhem it will be!

Mark raced in the non-elite category of the 12 footers (no money price) and placed second, I think. I'll post the link to the official results of all categories as soon as it will be available.
In the meantime, I added the one to Randy's report.

Anonymous said...

In Holland you can get a sticker at the town hall. The sticker is to be put on your mailbox and it says "No unaddressed mail"

Works perfectly fine

benjaminpink said...

Hi GP, I sent you a document called the stop junk mail "kit". It is from a website

Anonymous said...

What lens do you use to take your far away photos? And how "far" are you away?

cammar said...

Thanks for the tips.

Anon, my Sony point and shoot has a 12x optical zoom and a 1.7x telelens.
In DSLR that equates to a monstrous telelens and several thousand dollars.
Can't compare the quality, of course.

How far? Didn't measure, but pretty far...

Fred said...

I believe Danny Ching (California) took 2nd place.