Friday, May 14, 2010

First blog team rider!

Didn't make it at Hookipa before 3.30, but still plenty time to take 30 worthy photos.

Nico is the last one who needs tricks like these to end up on the blog, so I assume that his unsolicited and spontaneous idea is a pure act of love for the blog...
Immediately rewarded with the photo of day award! Maybe he started a new trend.

Rest of the photos in chronological order.
Unknown looper.

Browsinho is recovering from a foot injury and decided not to compete in the Austria's freestyle event. So he's still in Maui and throwing takas pretty much at every wave...

...when he's not relaxing like this.

Cisco Goya's perfect jumping stance.

Unknown looper is having a good sesh.

Mr. Sean Ordonez showed up again and, despite the gnarly shore break, took off fin first (Francisco did the same earlier).

Any girl out there ready to write "Maui Surf Report" on her bum?

One of the swiss kids.


Sean. Sure that board looks good in photo.

Browsinho. Francky got a sick shot of backloop landing.


Sean doing its thing. IMO, he and Robby Naish remain the ones that do that move best. Robby with a little more power and Sean with a little more elegance. I do it with a little more kookiness.



Little sequence that shows the unknown looper getting punished by the shore break on the way in. Many others did the same (Junko and Dave Ezzy for example).
Brah, that's more a bra than a harness!


He's in there.


I guess Sean didn't have too much fun, since he soon preferred to body surf the shore break and play with his dog instead...
The conditions were honestly kind of shitty (for the Hookipa standards). Super gusty and choppy because of the very high tide. Good for jumping more than wave riding.

Plenty options there.



Browsinho. Is that the spray off the bottom turn still in the air in front of the wave? Wow.

Andres must have shaped himself a new board.

Unknown ripper.




And now a few links.
Green light for il Capo del Capo contest at Capo Mannu this weekend. Capo Mannu is a beautiful place on the west coast of Sardinia. I had the luck to sail it with mast high waves and it was like Hookipa. As such, I ended up on the rocks over there too... and those rocks were actually way worse!

SUP club on lake Garda. If you pack your lunch, I guess the Garda makes a good place for a full day excursion. Leave early in the morning with the wind from the north (Peler), get where you get, stop, eat, rest, wait for the wind from the south (Ora) to pick up, paddle back... all downwind!
Better check the forecast though...

Talking about downwinders, this weekend it's the turn of the Olukai Maliko race. I'll be at Kanaha saturday afternoon for the free John Cruz concert!

Talking about concerts, if you're in Rome and have my same musical tastes (which means that you are an old fart like me), you should check out this concert organized by Radio Rock. Two cover bands of Pink Floyd and Genesis on stage at the same time... sounds like fun.

Talking about Radio Rock, I just heard a great live interview to the amazing jazz singer Roberta Gambarini by my favorite dj Prince Faster. What a voice! Plenty videos of her on youtube.

And talking about Radio Rock and Prince Faster, here's a positive side effect of moving to Maui that I failed to predict.
Prince's show airs at 6pm week days. That means that when I was in Rome, I almost never got to listen to it because, guess what I was doing most times at 6 pm? Still working...
So now, not only I live in this wonderful island, surf and sail great waves, work a lot less, enjoy my life a lot more and I could go on with another thousand more things, but I can ALSO listen to my favorite radio show through the internet when I wake up (it starts at 6 or 7am Maui time depending on the season)!

Is that a sign of the destiny or what?


Jimmie said...

Great job! Love this report you do and the software you use for it. I may be down today to shoot around 2 or so and will try to look you up. I get tunnel vision when I get there and can't wait to start shooting!1

cammar said...

Yo Jimmie,
instead today I start working at 2, so we won't meet... looking forward to see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots especially given the fairly poor conditions yesterday. One thing though - I think Kai Lenny does the jibe into back winded on the wave move even better than Robby and Sean... He even comes out with a freestyle move - calling it a Kaino...

Not sure about his playing with Legos at his age though :).

Ciao -

cammar said...

Thanks Anon,
I saw that video already, it's a really beautiful variation.
Believe it or not, I thought about mentioning Kai as well as one of the best executors of the jibe into backwind ride (does it have a name???). The ones I saw from him were extremely fluid, but still lacking a bit of spray compared to the other two (heavier) sailors.
But he's up there for sure.