Thursday, May 13, 2010

best windsurfing music band ever

Just received this old photo.
Don't know the guy with the mustache, but the others are Mark Angulo on the bass (I'll call him colleague, next time I see him...), Kai Katchadourian on the drums and Mike Waltz on the guitar. They played somewhere on the Lake Garda a few decades ago. It seems that the original band included also Brett Lickle, but he wasn't there for the gig.
Now, that's a band with some windsurfing skill!

The photo came in a package of images to publicize a GPS race on lake Garda. I'm happy to publish also the next one...

And now, back to Maui. A windsurfer lady relaxes on the beach.

A surfer lady comes out of the water.

Three swiss sailors start a downwinder.

Colin all alone.

Super iper ultra cropped digital zoom... worth it!

Skyler Haywood did pretty good on the two feet waves.

Lil backie.

A not better identified cheese rolly thing.

Rail grab.

Dean Christener tried a high shove-it (didn't quite go as planned).

Laurent Guillermin warm up high jump.

Then Francky showed up and they were all chop looping around him. This is the gallery of the photos that he took.
1 and 2 are Dean's high shove-it. Later you can see Skyler's rail grab and his cheese rolly thing and plenty more that I haven't seen, because I had to leave at 1.30.
I always like to see different angles shots of the same move. Looks pretty good from the water, uh?

There's a mini bump out of the north. I'll take photos today too from 2.30 on. Be there and rip hard... you may make the blog!


Nord_Roi said...

I don't know if you changed something in your setting, but your pics look so bright! Maybe it's the summer's light? Good shots, thanks a lot to share that!

cammar said...

Didn't change settings, it's the 1pm light of a super sunny spring day in Maui.
You have a good eye!

flykatcher said...

I cannot beleve it. The picture you have found here is from September 1988, Torbole, Lago di Garda.. I was 17 years old , supposed to in class already for my Senior year at St. Anthony High back on Maui, but instead I'm in Garda with my windsurfing heroes playing in a band with them. Mark met his wife Elena during this time as well.
That's Joel Katz holding down some mean lead guitar, and clearly keeping things as Italian as possible with the moustache. Brett got in there on vocals after this gig. It's time for a reuinion show for sure.....thanks for the pricelss memory. Aloha from Morocco.

jonas said...

molto grazie for posting us! (the swiss downwinder!) more pix from today on our web,

Anonymous said...

I saw that band play in Maui in 1990. Mark Angulo, Mike Waltze, Brett Likle and some other guy. They played in 1990 for the AWSP Hawaii Wave Sailing series (I still have a towel made for the event unused in my wardrobe). It was a contest that ran just before the Aloha in Oct/Nov. I have a video, made of the AWSP wavesailing competition somewhere, it has some footage on it of the band playing, and some footage of mark Angulo doing his first wawe 360 in 1990, they called the 360 on the face, a wangaroo.

cammar said...

Hey Kai, hope you guys scoring big in Morocco... good luck over there. And stay away from those camels, ok? :)

Jonas, prego.

Anon, make sure to let us know if you find that video and put it on the net!