Monday, May 31, 2010

Back in the water! Plus the usual Hookipa fix...

As forecasted, Hookipa saw a couple of days of fun waves.
Here's today's photos, stay tuned for yesterday's ones (whenever I find the time).

Photo of the day goes to Browsinho, who went out late when the wind got a tad lighter (it blew like stink all day, with gusts over 40) and very offshore and the waves got smoother and the light was perfect. Well, the fact that he's one of the best sailors in the world helped too.
Love the way this shot turned out to be framed. The focus ended up on the white water in front, and I kinda like that too.

Chronological order from now on.

Patrick gets the crash of the day.



Phil makes the blog.

The great thing about Elena is that she designs and sells her bikinis. She's happy to promote her business, I'm happy to shoot and post, you guys are happy to watch... we're all happy!


Alex makes the blog (thanks for the boot, brah).

Jake sailed sharp, clearly comfortable in the strong wind (must be a Gorge thing).

Browsinho got worked by the shore break like a common mortal.
He immediately looked back to see if Cammarota (that's how he calls me) noticed it... he did, he did... eheheh.

Francisco instead used a different approach. He dropped the board on the sand, waited for the water to reach it and then jumped on it. Quite effective. Love the colors.

Rudy, rudy, rudy, rudy!



Federico makes the blog.

Francisco wave 360 on a small one.

Browsinho stuck 90% of his off the lip rotation. Impressive.

It was a good day for the brazilian.

It was a very good day for the blog author too, who is now finally back in the water, nine long weeks after his foot injury, catching little waves with the standup.
Love this shot.

The waves were small, but at one point there was one freak triple overhead one.
Blog author showed no fear and got a deep barrel. A GoPro barrel. :)

PS. I believe that the photos I take are as good as they can get for a point and shoot camera (modesty has always been one of my many virtues).
Nonetheless I'm in one of those phases in which I think that MAYBE I should get a decent SLR. Drop me an email if you got a used one for sale.


Magnum said...

Fantastic photos!
& congratulations for being in the water again.

cammar said...


Sharon said...

Love shot #7 and as for #12 "ah, ah, ah, ah ahhhhh, and do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya Know what ya doing, doing to me?

millhead said...

Great that you're back in the water...continue your superb work.

Regards from the flatlands.


bil7y said...

Congrats and I can only hope that you keep taking as many photos as when you were injured. I hate to say we had some "schadnefreud" going on due to your injury!

Nord_Roi said...

YES, back in the water!!! Must feel good! cheers!

Leedslass said...

Looking at picture No.1, my first impression was he was scared witless and was trying to climb up the sail to escape the sea!