Thursday, May 06, 2010

new rule for launching windsurfers

The County of Maui has imposed a new rule: windsurfers will have to launch and get back in through a narrow path on the beach.

Allright, allright, don't freak out... I'm just just kidding! :)
Not sure what that is about, probably you can't leave your gear in there, so that the lifeguards can launch/land their jet ski.

Mildly shitty conditions yesterday at Hookipa, but those guys will always do something worthy. I have a few favorite pics. I think it's the first time that a girl gets the top honors.
Junko keeps ripping.

And now let's have a look at 15 minutes of Nico Drasimino's session.




Rest of the photos in chronological order.
Browsinho is still on the island.

He went out early and at the beginning it was all about him.

Lil too zoomed in goiter.

This guy was cruising upwind on that kayak propelled by leg movement. Quite a workout.



Nori shows off a beautiful back/shoulders combo. I totally dig chicks with muscles.
Well, I dig them without too...



Looks like I missed a good day Tuesday, but luckily Francky was in the water (photo #30 is unreal) and a guy called Jimmie Hepp (that I haven't met yet... man, does he take awesome photos or what?) was on the cliff.

Pretty grim wave forecast. Pat Caldwell's table shows four days in a row (Friday through Monday) with only the easterly windswell in it... might be the first time I see something like that!
It's a great time to be injured!

PS. Blog reader Guido left his boom at Hookipa last Friday. It's an AL360 Wave 140-200 carbon boom, like this but grey instead of red. Email me if you found it.


Jimmie said...

Wow! Nice shots. I see you got Junko...wish I had been there but I have to take three days or so off to take care of my print accounts around to Ulupalakua today and Lahaina tomorrow so keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to meeting you.

cammar said...

Don't worry... you won't be missing much! (see my last comment about the wave forecast that I just added...)

Anonymous said...

Junko rips... always. Alex