Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Every time I see something like this I get pissed off.

It's a typical human behavior to trap animals into cages of all sorts for their own pleasure.
I always hated (well, maybe not when I was 5) zoos and aquariums. I mean, is it that difficult to put yourself in their paws and imagine a life in a cage?
Lately I can't even stand the vision of a dog on a leash!...

I strongly invite you guys to watch these two TED talks and learn more about how we're fucking up the ocean.

I feel pretty guilty because guess what did I eat yesterday? Fresh ahi... oh well, at least not fished industrially, but by a friend with a small boat...

Allright, imagining you're quite depressed by now, let me link you Jimmie Hepp's gallery of photos from yesterday at Hookipa (there was a bump, but I had to work).

While I'm posting this, I'm also watching the Big Waves Invitational in Chile. There's some 15 footers coming through and even though most surfers only try to make the drop and not to fall in front of some really mean looking rocks, I was very impressed by a wave by peruvian Gabriel Villaran ripping with his 9 foot board like he was on a shortboard.
The swell is supposed to pick up more and they're predicting 20 footers by the afternoon for the final (it's six hours ahead of Hawaii).
Damn, I can't watch it!


Lano said...

Not sure I agree with you regarding the Zoo's GP, I think they do a great job preserving and protecting species for the future via breeding programs etc.

Agreed, that they sometimes dont look comfortable in cages and would be more at home in their own environments. But their own environments are all chopped down, are in war zones, levelled, have houses on etc, so a Zoo replicating their ideal environment is probably just fine thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have a dog on a leash they would eventually resort to wild dogs and run around in packs - scary!