Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how Levi puts it in (and turns her around)

More Goya photoshoot, this time with the presence of Francisco himself.

But the photo of the day goes to Francky. The infaticable Hookipa water photographer used to be a pretty good sailor, but he kinda quit because of back pain.
After the photoshoot, he grabbed Francisco's board and went out. On his second jump, a beautiful shove it, a screw of the back strap came loose and this shot caught that moment.
You don't think it's worth the photo of the day? Hey, I'm building my photo credit for when I'll be able to sail again... ;)

Rest of the photos in chronological order.
This is Skyler (who was not in the photoshoot).

Levi was being filmed while rigging. The videos at the end of the post will clarify the title.

Francisco beautiful table top.

Argentinian Goya importer and ex Maui resident Mariano Pecora knows how to loop.

Mauisurfreport team rider Nico.

Mariano table top. Francky is in perfect position and must have taken a great shot with the beach on the background.
You won't find these shots on his website, but eventually they'll be on a catalog/magazine ad in a few months.

Laurent not sure doing what... probably going for a crash shot.

Goya is going for color coordination.

Three jumps from Francisco.

And now let's finally check how Levi puts it in.

And puts it in again.

And turns her around (and leaves...).

Ok, the windswell is about to subside and it's going to be flat until the weekend when a small NW bump should arrive.

Next post will be the part 2 of the custom sail discussion with Jeff Henderson, I promise.


Lano said...

Wow, Levi, really struggles with rigging, Kym might have to give him a few tips, what was happening in the first clip?

Laurent said...

Thanks Gianpaolo. Being in the crash section is a hard standart to keep up with :)

cammar said...

the cameramen was zooming in a lot on the very bottom of the mast sleeve, so it didn't matter if Levi put the mast in the top part of the sleeve or not.
Said this, I think Kym should give him her tips on how to put it in anyway... you never stop learning!

Yo Laurent,
good job!