Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a perfect double

Yesterday I took photos till 1.30 and Browsinho had just hit the water. Nonetheless, the only shot I took of him gets the photo of the day award, since he landed this perfect double forward.

Unfortunately, doubles are jumps that require a sequence, but you get what you get. This is after the first rotation. You can see from the little leftover water coming off the nose of his board how fast he's rotating.

Chronological order for the other shots.
Some Goya riders were having a photoshoot.
Jake backloop.

Laurent push loop.

As soon as I saw this girl at Middles I thought:"guaranteed she's gonna need help to come back!"
I taught enough surf lessons to identify a classic beginner position: ass off the center and open legs.

Jake keeps on looping.

Keith hits the water in green photoshoot attire.
In case you never sailed Hookipa, this photo shows how to time the shore break. Keith just dropped the board on the water of an incoming wave that is about to hit his legs. By the time he'll be able to put both hands on the boom and jump on the board (with both feet!), the water will just about to start flowing out and he will get enough speed to pass over the next incoming wave.
The summer shore break is more challenging that the winter one, because of the shorter period between incoming waves (especially the windswell, around 8 seconds).

And Jake keeps on looping.

Oh, looks who's there! The beach is to the left of this photo and in that place the current is strong and going right, away from the beach. That's why she couldn't make it and chose to come in through the rocks.
BTW, at the downwind end of the beach, the current goes left, still away from the beach. If you're surfing or swimming, your only chance to come back to the beach is in the middle of it.

Left foot up.

Right foot up. Seems like she's loving it!

Her friend was directed by the lifeguards and managed to come back through the middle of the beach.

Keith. The wave riding was marginal... it was all about the jumps. Good, I'm not missing much.

There we go. A little lesson on how the current works at Hookipa. Geez, those girls have some serious tatoos!

Doesn't do it for me!

Today I'll be at the beach at 2.30 and tomorrow I'll post the photos together with part 2 of the custom sail discussion with Jeff. Stay tuned.


Brian S said...

Can you tell us again what kind of still camera you're using? I remember a discussion of that, and also that it was relatively inexpensive, but I can't find it in your old posts. I'm now in the market.
ps. with you on the tatoos

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bodies ruined by ink!


cammar said...

Sony dsc-h1. It's so old that you can buy a new one for less than $100 on ebay. And I added the 1.7x telelens Sony VCL-DH1758.

I agree with the second part of your sentence.

Dave Huffman said...

Wow, those are some really neat pictures. Surfing looks like a lot of fun. I need to put that on my to do list!