Thursday, May 26, 2011

and all of a sudden... Indonesia!

The recent Namotu trip has awaken in me the desire of searching for new high quality waves out of my usual comfort zone (in terms of spots and size). In other words, it was awaken a healthy desire of adventure.

This morning at the shop I was having a chat with legendary shaper Tom Parrish (one of the original shapers of the Lightning Bolt brand). We were talking about a 6.4x19.25x2.625 by Erik Arakawa that had just been taken in consignment for the ridicolously low price of $200 (it was in really good shape).

"It's a great looking board", he said... "but it would definitely be too small for me!"
"Yeah, it might be too small for me too, but I feel like I can push my limits on the shortboard surfing..."
"How old are you, GP"?
"Yeah, you got a couple of years ahead to improve!"
We both laughed at what sounded like a joke... but that wasn't much of a joke, I'm afraid. The stoke can last forever, but bodies do get old.

Consequently, I immediately thought that I couldn't afford to waste a whole summer in Maui... "I need to go somewhere where I can improve my surfing", I found myself thinking...
At that exact moment, the Hi-Tech rental department manager entered the scene. I asked him about schedule and vacations.
Despite the fact that Russ is leaving soon too (he's going to do/organize the AWT), he nonetheless said: "from now till the beginning of July, you can leave for as long as you want. I'll work everyday if I need, not a problem".

Now, where else in the world can you find such a flexible work environment? I just really love that!

And here's what I just booked. Only the flights. No hotel, no resort, no cars, no nothing.

4 weeks traveling between the islands of Indonesia. I've never been there, I don't know too much about it, I'll follow the flow and see where it takes me.
The feeling of freedom I'm experiencing in this exact moment is pretty damn cool.

PS. BTW, that means that my tiny little studio in Kuau is going to be available for rent from June 2nd to June 29. And my car too. Email me if you're interested.
PPS. I did buy the Arakawa 6.4. But I think I'll take a 6.6 to Indo.


nico said...

NO COMMENT... you lucky ba@*àrd much for the flight GP?

Peter said...

And I thought my boss is relaxed. Enjoy your trip!

Tanya De Leeuw said...

Just got back from an awesome 19 night visit to Maui ... not much water action for photog's like me (I'm not brave enough to try surfing/windsurfing myself!), except this past weekend ... spent some very enjoyable time at Ho'okipa, a bit at Kanaha, too. Kept an eye open for you, GP, but didn't see anyone vaguely resembling your profile pic! Anyway, some pic's in my flickr - follow links from my block if you're interested! Aloha!

cammar said...

Nico, $1500 hnl to dps.

Peter, thanks.

Tanya, glad you enjoyed your trip.
You actually did take a photo of me... kinda!
I'm the one in the background in this one:
As usual, I must have not done anything worth it to be in the foreground! LOL
You have some REALLY good shots of Mark Angulo. I'm going to forward him the link.

Tanya De Leeuw said...

GP, I actually blurred you in that shot because your bright sail was distracting (!) from the subject of the photo ... I'll reprocess that photo and see what I can pull out for you! If the shot's ok (ie: sharp enough, etc), I'll email it to you. I actually think I might have a couple of other shots of you, too, but it's hard to tell because of the angle/s.

Weasel's wake said...

If you make it down to Bali, you absolutely have to try the mushroom soup, it will be the best soup you've ever had, and you will never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Unfing real, this is the begining of a deeper addiction... I predict this will be a new summer ritual.. maybe one day I'll be half as lucky.


Ps hope last week, the drive further north was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Wowee, shows what you can do when you have no one but yourself to please, couldn't do things like this if you had a wife and sprogs to consider. Are you getting the mid-life crisis out of the way?


cammar said...

Tanya, thanks for the photos!

Thanks WW, that's a good tip.

Yo Alex, went to Lahaina, but decided to go back to Peaks and scored... got really good. But really, really good for an hour. Light offshore, three people out. My friend Dave got barreled on a shortboard.

Anne, I'm having a mid-life blast!

andrew said...

Hey GP....

Andrew from Australia here. Its great to reflect on our past week at Namotu. I love the shots of you getting barrelled, who says you need to improve your surfing? THe one with you and Dave is a ripper also, I had to laugh.

I made a short video of our week, check it out.... I am only new at all this editing stuff so be patient.....hope you enjoy

Aaron said...

Hey GP.

I go to Bali each year, I go for a couple of weeks, to go surfing/paragliding. Best thing to do is hire a scooter with board racks on the side, and travel that way around each Island. If you are in Bali, a good cheaper place I stay is called Ellies