Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Namotu day 5

After 4 full and intense days of action, today my body demanded a rest. At least in the first half of the day.
Nonetheless, I went out on a boat to take pics for you guys. Let's see what I got.

The little fellows like to climb sticks.

Hanging out with Wayne Rooney. Sharon, I got you an autograph.

Ulli and Michelle clearly very stressed out.

When the sun is out, the light here is amazing.

This is how Lefts looked like from the boat. A lot better than from the water... just trust me on that!!!

I actually tried it 20 minutes in the early morning, but a full moon tide and my weak arms didn't allow me to catch anything. I did manage to get a couple of cleanup sets on the head though.

The best feeling in the world.

This is another wave called Wilkes pass. Very close to Namotu Lefts, at this size it's an hardcore right for natural footers only.

Ok, I'll take that back.

He's seeing it.

He saw it.

And here's a couple of clips to show you the perfection of these waves. This is Namotu Lefts.

This is Wilkes.

Well, I wrote what I wrote so far just before lunch when I hadn't caught a single wave yet.
Now that I take it up again, it's just after dinner, so I can update you on how the afternoon went.
Right after lunch a tropical storm hit. That was quite some heavy rain. But that also killed the bloody north wind. As soon as the rain stopped, all the island guests came out of their refuges (rooms, bars, pools) and met at the beach shack to catch a boat to the breaks. While very few people went to the Lefts (where it was pretty damn big), most of us went to Pools.

Not that Pools was small by any means, but it was manageable. And fun. And epic.
I'm a goofy footer who pretty much only surfs lefts, but this right on Namotu is just fantastic.
The vibe in the water was special. It was like 15 of us, all Namotu guests (surprisingly no boats from Tavarua showed up), everybody catching waves, everybody hooting at each other. Absolutely perfect waves.
I believe I'm going to buy the photographer's dvd and that will show you guys what I'm talking about. I think I will have enough material to blog for a month...

Surfing: without any doubt the best thing in life.


Anonymous said...

Hi GP!

Really enjoying the Namotu posts!!!! And I totally agree with what you say about surfing. I have spent a lot of time (and money!) windsurfing choppy waves in my life and I have only been surfing as a 2nd option, when there is no wind. Thinking of focusing on surfing from now on and trying to get to a level high enough to get some decent barrels!

Thanks for posting and enjoy fiji!

Sharon said...

Nice to see Wayne's hair transplant worked!