Monday, May 09, 2011

AWT Waddell Creek day 4

Just received an extremely short press release from AWT that announces that...

Nathan Mershon claims Expert Title...and here are all the winners:

After days of battling it out off the beach at Waddell Creek the winners were finally decided, so here are your winners:

EXPERT MEN: Nathan Mershon MASTERS: Brian Caserio
Nathan MershonBrian Caserio

WOMEN: Ingrid Larouche
Ingrid Larouche

YOUTH: Bernd Roediger AMATEUR: Eric Sorensen
Bernd RoedigerMatt Prichard with AM winner Eric Sorensen

Here in Maui life is good, but not quite as good as it usually is.
In other words, there's very little waves and this coming week looks even worse.
Right now there's still something on the south shore (so I better get going) and a tiny bit of windswell left on the north shore. But the weather maps for the next days show an uncharacteristic lack of fetches oriented towards Hawaii.

Both north and south Pacific are dominated by high pressures. Actually there will even be a weak low pressure very close to the islands that will mantain the cloudy sky and crappy weather we're experiencing these days without generating any waves.
If you're a Maui resident and you scheduled a surf trip somewhere else for this week, you lucked out!

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