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Let's start from the AWT first contest at Waddell Creek.

Day Two Results... so far!

Bernd wins single eliminationIt was an action-packed day at Waddell with all the single eliminations nearing completion. The one final so far was for the youth and may have been the best heat of the day. Bernd Roediger edged Morgan Noireaux in an epic battle. I'm sure the double elim tomorrow will be just as exciting.

Youth Single Elimination:
1st - Bernd Roediger
2nd - Morgan Noireaux
3rd - Nick Dudet

Expert Men after Round 2:
Heat 13 - Francisco Goya, Jazz Glickenhaus, Josh Stone, Nathan Mershon
Heat 14 - Morgan Noireaux, Camille Juban, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchadourian

Women's Final:
Heat 6 - Ingrid Larouche, Carmen Hsu, Leah Doran, Sam Bittner

Masters Final:
Heat 6 - Brian Caserio, Reed Nelson

Amateur Men after Round 2:
Heat 13 - Ingrid Larouche, Vinnie Armato, Jordan Reid, Nick Dudet
Heat 14 - Reed Nelson, Eric Sorensen, Troy Collins, Brett Greene

Here's the video for day two.

Santa Cruz Classic - Day 2 from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.


Let's move to France where the second stop of the Standup World Tour was, once again, won by Kai Lenny.

The Naish La Torche Pro, presented by O'Neill was concluded in spectacular fashion late yesterday with epic clean waves and offshore wins. After a worrisome afternoon that saw a major thunderstorm come through, the beautiful beach at Pointe de La Torche lit up for the semi finals and finals, the winds turned offshore and the sun came out. After a full week here in Brittany, it had come down to the Final 8 to decide the 2011 Champion for the second stop of the Stand Up World Tour and determins the ranking standings.

Kai Lenny continues his dominance

At just 18 years old, Kai Lenny is already fast becoming the 'Kelly Slater' of Stand Up Paddling, with another flawless performance in the beautiful waves of Pointe de La Torche. Winning all his heats, Kai put on a masterclass in the Final, comboing his competitors in the first few minutes of the heat with two of the most spectacular rides of the contest so far. With two wins out of two on the 2011 Stand Up World Tour, Kai has now featured in 6 out of 7 Finals on the Stand Up World Tour so far and continues to up his performance level from event to event. He is a true Champion and a great ambassador for the sport.

Antoine Delpero wins the Air Tahiti Nui award

Kai met with Antoine Delpero in the quarters and semis and battled it out, wave for wave, for the closest fought battles of the event and some of the most spectacular displays of high performance stand up paddling of the contest. However, in the Final, Kai stepped it up a notch, and Antoine failed to find the right waves to challenge Kai as he would have liked and is capable of doing. Despite this, Antoine walked away with Air Tahiti Nui's award for the biggest move of the quarters, semis and finals with an insane snap into air drop, more reminiscent of shortboard than anything else. The Frenchman did his people proud here in France!

Brazilian Leco Salazar steps up again

Leco Salazar once again stepped up in the beachbreak conditions to be the only one to get close to Kai in the Finals - in the end he was 3 points or so short of the Champion, but linked together some great rides with vertical backside turns and an effortless 360. THis is a great resuylt for the Brazilian who now moves in to second place alongside the Hawaiian Robin Johnston. Robin narrowly missed out on a place in the main event despite some spectacular rides, but with a 2nd and a 5th place so far this year, stays in 2nd place in the overall rankings alongside Leco.

Sean Poynter makes the Final 4

The ever evolving Sean Poynter from the US continued his momentum onwards and upwards by making the Final 4, surfing spectacularly through the quarters and semis to earn his place. Despite not finding the waves he wanted in the heat, Sean was happy to be the final American standing and to improve his standings on the Stand Up World Tour

Robby Naish makes it to La Torche

Robby Naish, as Title Sponsor of the event, but also having spent many years here in La Torche for World Championship Windsurfing events back in the 80s and 90s makes it back to the mystical region of Bigouden. He was astounded that the beautiful Pointe de La Torche and this region have remained untouched since he had last been there, one of the few places in the world that can boast that. He also managed to get out on the water in an exhibition between the semis and Finals, showcasing that he is still as hungry as ever to be out on the water and performing.


Windsurfer International has released a new issue and the coverage of March 15 at Jaws is great.


I'm about to start the fourth full day of work in a row and I have a couple of considerations to make:
1) I was super lucky because the weather has been pretty crappy and I didn't miss much (although I did miss some uncrowded sailing at Hookipa)
2) working all day is totally unnatural, sucks and should be illegal.

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