Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Namotu day 4

Day 4 was different, but still awesome.

The difference was in the weather: windy and cloudy.
Well, we sure did the most of it anyway:
Session 1 was on a windsurfer. Not a good direction for wave sailing, just an hour of planing back and forth, like the good old days.
Session 2 was on a low tide at Namotu lefts. A bit choppy and a mini pack of very good surfers getting some serious barrels. I caught something like 15 waves, half of which all the way to the channel, a couple of closeouts and the rest big take off wipeouts. (the sideoff wind made it difficult to get in).
Session 3 was again at Lefts, but with a much more friendly high tide and only 6 of us out. Very, very fun.
Here's how the left looked at low tide.

Michelle checks emails and waves, the last ones getting more attention.

Wednesday night is Kava night. First time I drank it and loved it. Live music and great atmosphere all around.

Kelly's board.

The bar.

Last but not least, check this lovely fellow.

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