Friday, May 13, 2011

and all of a sudden... Namotu!

Thursday Michelle saw this post on the Namotu Island Facebook page:

We just had a few spots open up from this Saturday for a week. Check out Surfline as waves will be pumping.

She then emailed me that he and Ulli were going asking if I wanted to join. This was my reply.

I'm in.

I'm attaching the Surfline forecast for "our" week. I don't think it needs to be commented...
On top of that, there will be not a single wave of any kind on any shores next week in Maui. If we don't shred them all, maybe we'll even get the leftovers of the same swell as soon as we get back in Maui.
Speaking of last minute surf trips based on forecast, it can't get better than this...

That's the forecast I attached.

And that's Namotu.

This photo from Goggle Earth shows the reef and the waves.

Well, we just arrived and dinner is about to be served so...

PS. Thanks to Russ for taking over my shifts at work.


Sharon said...

So bloody cool, one of the smartest choices you ever made.

Nice said...

Ha ha ha, you b*st*rd! I envy you! Weren't JEff there this past week?
What a GORGEOUS place!

Anonymous said...

well... Namotu seems to be underdeloped... do they have cable? how many channels? what about restaurants? or malls?
if you decided to go for a stroll on the beach, all you do is go in circles!!

I'm sorry I think it's going to suck!