Tuesday, December 02, 2014

12 2 14 morning call

I will probably have no internet at home for a few days, so I'm doing this post from my phone.

Here's what's at the maui buoy:
5.1ft @ 10s from 21° (NNE)
5.1ft @ 11s from 23° (NNE)
4.2ft @ 5s from 38° (NE)
3.7ft @ 15s from 324° (NW)

The apparently NW swell actually reads 6f 15s from 301 at the waimea and nw buoys and that shows you the refraction i was posting about yesterday.
The waves bend around all those islands and arrive on maui's north shore from a direction that is 23 degrees different, pretty much half the size and - this is not shown by the buoys - way less consistent.

The NNE swell will be far more consistent but, due to the difference in period, the nw sets will be easy to spot.

Photo from hookipa coming up soon.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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