Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12 23 14 morning call

4am main swell buoy readings:

Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's north shore)
9.7ft @ 9s
6.1ft @ 12s from 319° (NW)
5.4ft @ 15s from 316° (NW)
2.5ft @ 3s from 2° (N)

West lanai Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's south shore)
3.8ft @ 15s from 280° (W)
2.1ft @ 9s from 283° (WNW)
2.2ft @ 5s from 309° (WNW)

Well the call is particularly easy today: it's a mess out there.
Look at the mix of swells above at the Maui buoy ( for some reasons the 9s one doesn't say the direction, but I'm gonna guess from North) and you'll suspect that even with no wind it would be fairly stormy and disorganized.
Add the 19mph onshore wind that the iWindsurf sensor is reading at Hookipa at 6am (should be pretty steady onshore all day) and you'll understand that you won't need a photo or a report today. It's as messy (and dangerous) as it gets today.

I'm gonna need my usual fix before work, so I'll probably surf Paia Bay (one of the very rare times in which I disclose where I'll surf... really don't mind if someone shows up, since I'm gonna be most likely all alone there), but if you have more time in the morning you could go surf the other side.
I went Makena side yesterday and there were some beautiful waves, even though with very long waits. I was told the north shore had long waits too and that is one of the side effects I observed about the refraction/shadowing.
You could also go Lahaina side, since there's still a bit of south swell (overshadowed by the WNW wrap at the Lanai buoy). As usual, check the Fish Company webcam before getting in your car if you want to check the size/local wind.
But if you're curious about what made those waves, here the south pacific weather map of 7 days ago. I circled the fetch SE of New Zealand that made those waves and I drew a loooong line and tried to place where Maui sits on that map.
I also spotted a tiny fetch in the Tasman sea that sent a small swell to Fiji.


Below is the wind map of today. I circled three fetches. N.1 is a good one and will send us yet another NW swell during the weekend (7f 14s is surfline's call).
The other two are bad, since they're very close and are generating short interval disorganized waves from the N and the NE.

Below is the 5.30am satellite photo that shows that today it's gonna be rainy/cloudy.

Hey, it can't always be paradise in paradise... have fun in the sun everyone! It might come out at one point!

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