Wednesday, April 15, 2015

15 4 15 morning call

A seal with her puppy is a bit of a rare sight. They showed up at sunset at Hookipa yesterday.
I'll stick to nature shots, since the lack of conditions persists.

I'm assuming everybody is waiting for the new NW swell, so let's jump straight into the buoys.
Below the graphs of the NW and Wailea buoys. I circled the rise at the first one: it went from 1 to 5 feet from 6pm yesterday to 6am this morning. Period started extra long, so I'll give this start of the swell 12h to get to Maui. As a matter of fact, Waimea saw some 25s reading already during the night (I underlined it) and the Pauwela buoy is registering 1.1ft @ 22s from 333° (NNW) at 6am.
These are the other swells hitting it, so you can imagine how unclean the whole thing will be, specially considering that the trade wind will be on it too:
5.6ft @ 8s from 65° (ENE)
3.4ft @ 6s from 61° (ENE)
1.9ft @ 12s from 342° (NNW)

For all the above reasons, I'm not excited a bit and didn't even go surf this early morning. Will wait and see if it gets big enough for the west side later on or if it gets good for windsurfing at sunset.

The Lanai buoy reads:
1.6ft @ 6s from 179° (S)
1.1ft @ 9s from 186° (S)
0.9ft @ 14s from 200° (SSW)
0.8ft @ 3s from 179° (S)
1f 14s is very minimal energy and in fact the lahaina cam shows that. But there might be something slightly better tomorrow. This is the graph I saved yesterday of the Samoa buoy in fact. I circled some nice 2-3f 15s readings on Sunday. Hopefully that'll translate into 0.5-1f 20s locally tomorrow.
It's a relatively new buoy, so I'm still learning the travel times and the energy dissipation factors. You guys learning with me. You're welcome.


Wind map shows a new NW fetch (moderate NW swell Sunday Monday) and the fetch down under that assumed a weird shape. That doesn't matter, as long as it's shooting towards us, it can be any shape it wants.

Once again the MC2km map at noon shows some wind.



Rik said...

When do you believe it is big enough for the west side?

cammar said...

not sure. possibly at sunset?

Anonymous said...

Who's going to do your report when you're on vacation?

cammar said...

I'll do the forecast. The report will be from Bali...

Rik said...

Sry, wasnt really clear with my question, I meant when (=what buoy readings)...

cammar said...

good luck with that one! when you figure it out, let me know...
the S turn that the waves do when they bend off Molokai and they bend again when hitting maui's west coast is something that depends at least on:
angle of the original swell and period. I'm sure that tide and other swells will play their parts too. In other words, I haven't a clue. But I tend to think that the bigger, the better, that's why I said sunset.
Tomorrow even better.