Thursday, April 16, 2015

4 16 15 morning call

The swell arrived and it didn't disappoint in terms of size. This is a wave at Hookipa ridden by Kauli Seadi and photographed by Jimmie Hepp.

I had a little sailing session myself (after a fun morning surf session at a neighborhood spot by myself), and then took some pics. Timo Mullen flies high.

And Browsinho turned a backloop into some kind of shove it.
 My photo shoot didn't last long because I had to pick up a new surfboard at the Kazuma factory. As I posted on facebook, the time it took me from when I found out that Korean Air doesn't charge for boards anymore and the moment I sent Matt a message to order it was about 30 seconds...|
I got 2 boards in Bali already, but 4 is better. Still testing boards like a madman to select the other one. The one in the photo is a sure one, since I had one like that already and loved it in Indo. 6.6x19.25x2.5x31l, got to love the computer and cutting machine.


 The three buoys are all still midly going up, but I can't remember what caused that turn to the west I put an arrow on. Whatever it was, that's not good for Maui. Kanaha already was pretty small, because of the west direction. Oh well, if not today, tomorrow is gonna go more north and hit over there too.
I admit I failed at calling an epic sunset sailing session. Didn't check Hookipa (which I'm sure had surfers), but it was pretty shitty everywhere else.

To the left, Hanalei has the biggest number and still going up. 8f vs 4f in Maui. That tells you how much energy we lose for refraction when it comes from the west.
To the right, the Samoa buoy shows the signs of Monday south swell. Looks good.

MC2km at 2pm shows wind.

Wind maps shows fetchs.

I show signs of impatience. it's 6.20am and I'm still not ready to go surf. Sorry, not reviewing this one.

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