Sunday, April 05, 2015

5 4 15 morning call

Below average day for me yesterday.
Hana is firing, but that's the only place where you can really feel the power of this windswell episode. 9 seconds waves are not particularly powerful, so it needs to be big to get you going.

Instead it was perfect for the kids at the Ian Walsh Manehune contest at Pavillions. Here's one of the many competitors showing some possess. I got to ask Martin Potter if that's how you spell it. 
Beach was pretty busy.
This photo is from Jason Hall and shows some nice quads. One is my board. The other ones are Olympic skier's.
Below is the graph of the Samoa buoy. On the right, I underlined the readings of some of the local buoys. You can see how much bigger this windswell episode has been at the Mokapu, Hilo and SE buoy. I don't have an explanation for that, since the direction should hit Pauwela pretty straight.
But at the same time, Hana is big and Hookipa is small, so it must be something related to the effect of the Maui's NE facing coast (the one from Hookipa to Hana).
Anyway, more windswell on tap today. I'm a little bit sick of it and I'm doing a laundry, that's why you guys are scoring a longer than usual post...

The reason I posted the Samoa graph is that I'd like to draw your attention to another swell: 3.7ft @ 15s from 159° (SSE)
Now, what the hell is that?
Below is my best guess: it's from that fetch that I pointed out many times in the past few days. If it is, then we should most definitely receive something good. Hopefully a couple of feet and 18 seconds. But that's more wishful thinking than anything else...

BTW, Lanai reads 1.5ft @ 13s from 200° (SSW) at 7am... not flat. Check the webcam before going.

Wind today: strong as it has been for last... many days. That's the MC2km map at noon.

Fetches today: one decent one up in the NW corner and the usual very wide windswell one.

 I just noticed that the number of page views went up again to more than 20k per month, so thanks for reading and help me spread the word as much as you can. Thanks!



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