Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4 22 15 morning call

Another good day of action on the south side, even though the Lahaina side had light onshore wind pretty much from the very beginning of the day.
I surfed two spots, but the best session was at sunset at Hookipa where I caught two sick lefts at green trees. Best two waves in the last two weeks, that's for sure.
So photo of the day is from there and goes to my friend Cathy and I'm gonna use it also to point out where you should be looking during your take off: not on the board, but straight in front of you where you want the bottom turn to happen. Nice job Cathy!

Wind map doesn't show any fetch of remark. What I like though is that it seems that the trades are getting more and more easterly and then after that there should be an area with no wind (marked with an X)  before the next high pressure cell takes over.
I understand that some of you guys like the wind, but it's been blowing non stop forever... a little break (on Sunday) will be good for everybody.

6.3ft @ 9s from 102° (ESE)
4.5ft @ 7s from 114° (ESE)
2.9ft @ 14s from 189° (S)

4.8ft @ 8s from 34° (NE)
2ft @ 11s from 331° (NNW)
1.6ft @ 15s from 260° (W)

6.6ft @ 9s from 79° (ENE)
4.7ft @ 7s from 75° (ENE)
2.8ft @ 12s from 346° (NNW)

I like both the 346 and the 79 degrees readings, if the MC2km map would be updated (so frustrating that it gets updated just after I publish my post), you guys could guess where I'm planning to go surf this morning before work. But you can still guess it even without the map. That is if you have a bit of local weather knowledge. And if you're reading this blog, you're actually building it.
3.4ft @ 6s from 170° (S)
2.6ft @ 15s from 194° (SSW)
0.4ft @ 3s from 173° (S)

3.3ft @ 15s from 187° (S)
2.7ft @ 7s from 144° (SE)
2.3ft @ 9s from 137° (SE)
1.5ft @ 12s from 218° (SW)

There was a point yesterday (as you can easily imagine, I check the buoys more often than my watch during the day), in which barbers was at 4f and lanai at 2f. Once again, no explanation for that. I would try to come up with some theory of sort if it was always like that, but sometimes it's the other way around, so I'm lost.
Anyway, south swell still at fun levels, now that we're three days into it, you can expect a little more consistency. But still not as much as a windswell (maximum consistency) or a ground swell that has travelled less. What makes south swells inconsistent is the travel time.
Waves of different period travel at different speed and the longer they travel the more they space out between themselves. At a start of a swell, only the long period ones arrive, that's why the waits are so long. Later on there's more a mix of long period sets from the tail of the fetch and medium period sets from the rest of the fetch, so it's a bit more consistent.

Oh there we go, MC2km has updated the maps! Sometimes complaining to the universe helps.
Below is the 6am one. Now you guys can EASILY see where I'm thinking of going surfing.

Below is the 1pm one instead for the wind obsessed people. Super strong and gusty at Hookipa, eventually reaching down to Kanaha, but.... don't choose today as you day to try kitesurfing, that's my best recommendation if you want to keep living.
Notice the original ESE direction just below Hana.

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Catherine Lamoureux said...

Thx for the props gp! And to raja iliya for the action shot.