Friday, April 24, 2015

4 14 15 morning call

Got a new gopro and here's a shot I took yesterday. I guess the mouth mount makes the most sense when you get barreled, but at least you see a bit of a wall. Lahaina was weak and the onshore come up quite early.



Things you do when you don't have a drone (and you have a floaty backdoor).

Wind map shows a decent fetch that will give life to a swell that should reach 7f 11s between Monday and Tuesday.

MC2km wind map at noon shows the usual strong offshore wind. Very unreliable at Kanaha from this direction.

7.6ft @ 10s from 81° (E)
5.6ft @ 7s from 146° (SE)

7.2ft @ 9s from 83° (E)           
3.6ft @ 5s from 85° (E)

4ft @ 8s from 171° (S)           
2.4ft @ 14s from 189° (S)

Windswell is predominant in size (at least on an east facing beach), but south swell hanging in there too.

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