Saturday, April 04, 2015

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Yesterday early morning surf wasn't particularly remarkable due to the small (chest high at most) windswell waves. It was definitely better on the beach.

After that (the surf session, I mean), I had another intense day of work, but I managed to squeeze in a sweet 20 minutes windsurfing sesh at Kanaha. Slalomish board,  perfectly powered sail, the ocean was very smooth around 1pm before the wind got stronger. Five more minutes and I would have probably got bored, but that was perfect.
Wave sailing at sunset at Hookipa looked fun judging from the photos that my friend took.

As you can see from the buoys list on the surfline page, they all have the 9s easterly windswell as their primary swell. The primary swell is the one that has the highest number in the feet column.
That doesn't mean it's the biggest out there. You guys should know by now that the waves generated by a 2f 20s swell will be way bigger than the waves generated by a 4f 9s one.
But in this case, there's really not much else around.
The windswell is forecasted to get bigger in the weekend, but I see all the graphs pretty steady.
The only exception is Lanai that is indicating a comforting 1.6ft @ 14s from 202° (SSW). Lanai doesn't get hit by the east windswell at all, since it's shadowed by Maui, plus the buoy is on the west side of it, so double shadow there.

The wind map shows an encouraging fetch just NE of Japan and that might be the one that will send us the moderate NW swell forecasted by surfline for the second part of next week (3f 14s on Thursday).
The same fetch was just east of Japan the past few days, so starting early in the week, we should se small long period energy from the WNW, but with that direction is shadowed by the upstream islands, so we won't see a hell lot of it.

World wind map shows possible the last day of generating waves for us for that fetch down under. We got to trust the angular spreading for that, since the direction is much better aimed at central america. Once again, that means non flat conditions all week on the south shore next week. Perfect for learning how to surf or sup surf.
Get out there you guys, no excuse.

What else. Oh yeah, the lovely wind! Below the MC2km map at 1pm that speaks for itself.
Have fun and be safe out there you wind propelled people!

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