Wednesday, April 08, 2015

8 4 15 morning call

Couple of surf sessions early and late yesterday, that's all I need. The photo is from the sunset one.

Now I'm gonna brag a bit (I love doing that, don't I?).
A week ago I started pointing out a fetch all the way down south. Here's one of those maps to refresh your memory.

Then later on I noticed an interesting reading at the Samoa buoy and that seemed like a confirmation that some energy was coming our way.
And today, as we can see from the lanai buoy, here it is: 0.9f 18s.

 The thing that makes me most proud is that there's no mention of it in Pat Caldwell's table below.
Which does not mean that I'm claiming to be even remotely comparable to him. But I did good on this one.

So, south will have something. North will have something too, but way smaller period and way more wind: 4.4ft @ 8s from 77° (ENE)
That's why I'll leave in the dark. That's why I do all this. Analyzing everything in life to keep my brain active (doesn't like to rest) and take advantage of the things I find out.

Wind map today shows a nice lil fetch up there and we thank mother nature for that. Nothing to be too excited about, but just enough to keep the flatness away from the north shores.

MC2km not updated yet, the two models at the bottom of the windguru page show that yes, it's gonna blow pretty strong today. NAM always shows stronger than HRW. You pick your favorite.

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