Sunday, September 11, 2016

9 11 16 morning call

One surf session in Lahaina for me yesterday (still up to chest high waves in the morning, went much smaller in the afternoon). This is the sunset upcountry. Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

Buoy readings 5am
5.7ft @ 8s from 56° (ENE)
I watched Hookipa at sunset yesterday and there were chest/shoulder high sets. I'll probably surf it later, stay tuned for a beach report.

1.4ft @ 13s from 188° (S)
1.3ft @ 10s from 194° (SSW)
1ft @ 11s from 191° (SSW)
0.9ft @ 6s from 180° (S)
South swell is down to background levels, but not flat. Check the webcam before going.

NW swell on Tuesday, new small south swell on Tuesday/Wednesday. NE windswell in the meantime.

MC2km map at noon shows light trades.

Current wind map shows the NW fetch getting a bit weaker and a remote NE windswell one.

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