Saturday, September 17, 2016

9 17 16 morning call

Just a quick Olowalu session for me yesterday, then I had to work all day. Which is the case today too, but I think I'll stick to the windy north shore.

The windsurfer's photo is by Jimmie Hepp.

Significant 5am buoy readings.
The three buoys graph shows that the swell has peaked at the NW buoy and we can expect that to happen in Maui sometimes during the late morning.
Btw, the direction went to what it was supposed to be (no intention to dig again into that very westerly start, the buoys sometimes can register weird things, specially when the sizes are so small) and Hookipa had head high sets at sunset. Unfortunately the shape was ruined by wind and windswell and that's gonna be the case today too.
3f 15s at 5am is not a huge reading, but, as said, it should keep growing throughout the morning.

2.4ft @ 13s from 202° (SSW)
Still a good reading at the Lanai buoy, the Lahaina webcam is sure worth a watch.

The fetches on the current wind map are all weak and lame and I'm not even gonna comment on them. We have some smallness/flatness ahead is all I can say.

I have to thin out my quiver and here are two really good shortboards for sale. Those boards are so good, I can't believe I'm selling them. But what's the point of keeping them if I'm not gonna use them because I got too many? Someone will score.

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