Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9 27 16 morning call

This morning I did a beach report first, you'll find it below this post. This is a photo I took around 7am after my quick sesh. Waves were head high with occasional bigger sets, kinda clean and very consistent.

Much bigger than yesterday as this photo from this gallery by Jimmie Hepp shows.

Significant buoy readings 7am
5.9ft @ 9s from 23° (NNE)

4.4ft @ 9s from 351° (N)

5.9ft @ 9s from 21° (NNE)

6f 9 seconds northerly swell is up and it will stay up all day. At Hookipa, that translates in the waves I described at the beginning.

0.9ft @ 13s from 198° (SSW)                     
0.5ft @ 16s from 221° (SW)
Minimal energy from the south.
Current wind map shows a small/weak NW fetch, a pretty wide windswell fetch and a fetch down south.

MC2km map at noon shows trades into the 15-20 knots range.

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