Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9 14 16 morning call

Early morning surf session for me, but I actually can't really claim I surfed, as the conditions were pretty horrible. I paddled out and tried to surf, let's put it like that.
I took this photo right after my session and it illustrates Cody Kerbox avoiding a closeout with Kai Lenny kicking his board over the lip so that it wouldn't hit his buddy.

Significant buoy readings 5am.

Here's the graph of our three main buoys: NW, Waimea and Pauwela that shows how the swell peaked at sunset in Maui. I drove by Hookipa and saw some well overhead sets, more than 1.5 overhead. Should be smaller this morning with a reading of 4.0ft @ 13s from 326° (NW).
Stay tuned for the beach report for the exact size.

1.6ft @ 17s from 215° (SW)
1.1ft @ 13s from 249° (WSW)
1.1ft @ 10s from 233° (WSW)
0.8ft @ 14s from 224° (SW)
Tell you what, I wish I went south yesterday and with such a lovely long period reading like that 17s one, I might well do that today. I'll check the Lahaina webcam as soon as I'm done with this.
Wind map shows a pretty intense NW fetch. Next swell will be bigger, but it's more west and more distant, so the combination of the two factors might make the arrival size in Maui pretty similar to the current one. We'll see.
MC2km maps not updated, today the wind should be light.

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