Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9 20 16 morning call

No action shots from yesterday (I surfed twice, north and south), here's Ian Walsh who brought us a bunch of his Lost boards to sell on consignment. From 5.7 to 7.0, all less than 19 wide and around 26-27 liters.
If you can ride boards like that, prices go from $125 for the most used ones to $200 for a couple of barely used guns. They will be probably transferred to our Paia shop (where we sell the used boards) during the day.

Significant buoy readings 4am
3.7ft @ 7s from 55° (ENE)           
2.8ft @ 11s from 350° (N)
Just a tad of energy leftover from the north, but that should disappear throughout the day. For the rest of this week, it looks pretty flat on the north shore with just windswell and not even that big. Total summer conditions, which is normal since that's still the current season. Fortunately a tiny NW swell is forecasted to hit during the weekend (2,5f 11s), but I wouldn't lose my sleep on it.

1.4ft @ 15s from 203° (SSW)
I was hoping to see some 18s reading from the angular spreading of the strong fetch oriented towards the Americas of a week ago, but there aren't any. Maybe later today.

Below are the wind maps of September 12, 13 and 14.
As you can see, the fetch is pretty strong but not oriented straight towards us. That would be a much better situation for obvious intuitive reasons.
But fortunately big swells tend to spread out once they leave the fetch. I tried to graphically illustrate that in the last map, but how much they spread out and how much energy they lose by doing so is very hard to predict. Even for the amazingly accurate WW3 model.
Anyway, Surfline is still calling for 1f 18s at 8am and 2f 18s at 2pm, so check the buoys and the webcam and make your call.

Sept 12.

Sept 13.

Sept 14,
This is the current wind map instead and as you can see, there's nothing on it worth mentioning. After this week (provided that we actually will get the angular spreading swell), south shore is going to be quiet too. In the transition periods between seasons, you can have waves from both hemispheres at the same time, but you can also have no waves from both hemispheres at the same time and that will be the case for the end of September.
Good time to go on a trip or do yard work.
MC2km map at noon shows trades in the usual 15-20 knots range.

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